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Coldplay - Yellow

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Coldplay - Yellow This song turns 17 today and still I would never stop listening ♥️

Det lyder som om at han synger "Jeg sked, åh ja, jeg sked, en bums" når han synger "your skin, oh your skin and bones" 01:29
What a beautiful song, the best coldplay.
i'm emotional
Turkey Farts and I were walking on the much respected around the world the super talented big hearts "Legends Coldplay Trail" underneath the most beautiful galaxy of stars that resembled "Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame" giant footsteps floating gently up in the air like the City of Angels under the northern lights and bright lights.  While drinking our java out of our "Tired As F*CK" stainless steel thermoses we saw Aye-Aye sitting on a tree still  chirping to nuthatches that were standing upside down on a maple leaf tree.  We saw a women's hockey team feeding clark's nutcrackers.  Some were wearing "Buffy Sainte-Marie" jerseys and some " Playing For Change-Groove In G" jerseys.   Anyhooooo, we could hear Aye-Aye chirp  "Of all the injuries inflicted on others that are sadistic, from anyone is that is unfulfilled, bored, waiting for the illusion to happen in their own lives and have an uncontrollable need to spit at others,  the deepest wound is the internalized bigotry and sadistic comments that lead some victims at an unspeakable cost to their own sense of self, that they may somehow value the values of any sadistic oppressors".  If they only understood the oppressor is the biggest coward trapped in a greedy grasping world that insulting or degrading others is their form of entertainment-makes them feel alive in their otherwise lifeless world.  As they wait for the illusion to come knocking at the door for their life of fame and fortune without working for it. "  words mixed around from J. Geiger.  Aye-Aye continued to chirp "The thing that will always be hard to accept is that some bullies and they are grown adults whether they are online or whever never feel remorse , that they view people as objects for their self-indulgent needs and they seem to think they  are so clever putting one over everyone behind their inner fraud innocent smirk. That is where a lot of the frustrations can be from innocent bystanders watching from afar.  The nuthatches nodded in a no motion for they could not understand what Aye-Aye was trying to explain.  They were  too young to understand.
We saw people of all cultures, hopes, and dreams singing under a Harvest moonshine near the "River and we could hear "Legend "Nina Simone" singing "Suzanne" Tribute to "Leonard Cohen. Have a most beautiful day!  U2 roared nuthatches and whisky jack birds gliding and soaring.  
Soar and Roar like hell!
Simply the best song
Who is listening it in June 2017
Eu amo tanto essa musica <3
bah oui pourquoi pas
17k dislikes!!! The end is near
Made me think of domo and crissy ❤️❤️❤️
melhor não há
I remember when this video came out and mtv played it like every friggn half hour it seemed. I loved it. Still do.😚
Nice Lift cover