Coldplay - Yellow

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Coldplay - Yellow

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Coldplay - Yellow This is a very good song to learn on the drum kit
La canción que hace que me acuerde de ella, como la extraño.
this is the best music video ever at all he's doing is walking on the beach because he's so close to God that's why it's so good. and it's so powerful
Dedicated to Travis William S
I may grow up in the ghetto but when I listen to it I  feel I'm in another dimension.This song world class and also god put a smile upon your face
i was waving my hand at my sister while watching this and she almost threw her slipper at me
this song touched my heart
Ve guneş doğdu hikaye biterken
this was my Ex's favorite song
we don't talk no more but I put this song in our memory. rip 3/38
Mi piace, grazie tante!
Turkey Farts and I were walking on the much respected around the world "Legends Coldplay Trail" underneath the most beautiful galaxy of stars that resembled "Cannes Film Festival/Festival de Cannes footprints floating safely like Kings and Queens under the northern lights and bright lights.
We headed to our local "Nuthouse Store" where Hazel and Walnut were busy serving customers. Hazel wearing a " Bryan Adams" jersey and Walnut a "Just for Laughs Comedy Festival" jersey.
Hazel and Walnut were busy serving customers when a stranger walked in. The stranger started preaching the Word of This, the word of that and on and on...The reborn was telling Hazel and Walnut they needed this and that in their life".
Hazel stopped what she was doing took a big swig of java out of her "Tired As F*CK" stainless steel thermos and said "Good for ya....the way I see it....For some people Religion are for those that are afraid to go to hell, and spirituality is for some people that have been to hell and back...Talk is cheap...Walk the damn talk.  Walnut could be heard saying " "We have enough religion to make us hate but not enough for us to love one another". (Jonathan Swift). What we need around here is damn rock and roll." Walnut with his fluffy slippers walked to the radio...and by geez "Greta Van Fleet" "Highway Tune" was playing so they started dancing....Cheers!
We saw people of all cultures, hopes, faith, no faith and dreams singing in the blue spruce tree forest under the wide open space. We could hear the much respected/much talented "Whitehorse" singing "Nadine"-Tribute To Legend Chuck Berry. 
Have a most beautiful day!  U2 roared clark's nutcracker birds gliding by.
Soar and Roar like hell!
Luv/respect to all!
drunk man, apparently almost unconscious but somehow still walking and singing
My dream is to read some creative comments under this video...
Бюджет клипа.... эээммммм)))
Listen to this while walking to school
2017 anyone? hit da thumbs up
savage B yusri
who still listening to this in 2017
my friend and treasure Jan of holland miss you