Coldplay - Yellow

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Coldplay - Yellow

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Coldplay - Yellow Anyone watching May 29, 2011?
looks like cefn sidan :,)
Está canción me produce sosiego realmente. Una paz que pocas canciones en el mundo pueden producir. Y el vídeo calza estupendamente en el mensaje de la canción. Ahora, con tanta tecnología dedican días en hacer un vídeo musical, pero cuestiones como esta, nunca las van a sobrepasar.
march 2018
for Owen
March 2018?
Turkey Farts and I were walking on the much respected "Legends Coldplay Trail" underneath the most beautiful galaxy of stars that resembled "Jane Goodall" giant imprinted footprints under the sacred Bobcaygeon Northern Lights and Bright Lights.
Turkey Farts and I headed to our local Nuthouse Store were Hazel and Walnut were busy serving customers. Hazel wearing "The JUNO Awards" jersey, and Walnut wearing "Playing For Change Foundation" jersey. Customers were rushing in and out. Some wearing "Lollapalooza Festivals" jersey, some "Coachella"jerseys, some "Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame" jerseys, some "Songwriters Hall Of Fame" jerseys, some "Tribeca Film Festival" and some NPR-Tiny Desk Concerts" jerseys. Hazel and Walnut with their bufflehead slippers jumped over the counter and opened the door. Customers were fuelling on java and munching on flaxseed muffins when Hazel said "Yer coming down slow, bit by bit...evaporating...can see it, feel it, smell it, sense it..." Walnut said "Think so too..some will jump for joy with tears in their eyes that flow like the Pissing Mare Falls and some will be so damn disappointed and some perhaps numb. Everyone grasped and gasped....They were talking about a snowman that was in front of the Nuthouse Store slowly but slowly melting away because the sun was finally reappearing again. Damn long arse biting winter. Hazel and Walnut jumped back over the counter, turned the knob on and "Here Comes The Sun" by the "Beatles" was playing on the radio.
As we continued up the trail we saw Aye-Aye standing upside down on a Mighty Oak tree. All we could hear Aye-Aye chirp to the nuthatches was "In life...when there is so much noise that tries to bring you down...trying to tell you something is wrong with you just to silence you...remember the clusters of greedy shallow and hollow numbness that tries to duster yer right off your rightful branch hoping to fluster you remember one thing....A boreal owl hoooted "Whooo are you going to call?".... Birds the great bustards strolling by chirped "Seeds Busters". An osprey flying heading to the Grand Ole Opry chirped "Perhaps what is negotiable and non-negotiable in one's life and it may change as you go along sure helps one to navigate. "Perhaps that's what we are here to learn chirped" a Royal Tern. The nuthatches nodded in a no motion for they did not understand a damn thing only at that moment. We saw people of all cultures, hopes and dreams singing by the River under a sky that looked like Stars On Ice beaming and gleaming on a clean spring fed frozen lake. We could hear the much respected and super talented NHK Blends-Time After Time" -A tribute to Legend Cyndi Lauper.
Have a most beautiful day! U2 roared whisky jack birds, chickadees, and nutcrackers gliding over glacier mountains.
Soar and Roar like hell!
This one never gets old. :)
“You and yellow air”. Beautiful imagery.
Que que amnecer mas bello !!!!!!!(.... excelente tema para despertar y mirar el sky y ver la nubes de un día all Yellow !!!!!!
Another of My Favorite Songs, Hi Torrilla Vlogs Welcome
i love u music <3
Ahh,this song gets me always 😌
Don’t think Coldplay have ever made a shit song
I lovve Coldplay 😎😎
This song will always have your name in it . Hope you are very happy .