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Coldplay - Yellow

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Coldplay - Yellow my sister said this was my brothers favourite song, he past to suicide and i cant help but think what went through his head while listening to this song, he took his own independent path and moved out the house bc my mom and dad didnt accept his sexuality so i didnt really know him as well as my sister. idk why im saying this but no one really talks about my brother so i feel bad for him and how alone he was
"I'm From Phillipines" 2016 to 2018 Lagi ko pa din to pinapakinggan😍
My fevret all the time
it will still remain in my memory .. until i get old
Such a blessing to have Coldplay in our lives. :)
This song always make me cry.
22nd may 2018
holy shit, this song deeply reminds me of when she left me for someone else, listened to this all the time :(
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Thank you subscriber Coldplay ☺
I like this song ☺
I wanna beat him up I feel so mad right now fuck
I used to sing this song for my uncle because we both love it, but couldn't understand the meaning well
because i'm still a little kid back then. and one morning at the exact time i woke up they told me my uncle died of kidney failure . I wasn't expecting that to happen I haven't even got the chance to talk to him before he pass away.

But now I do understand the meaning of this song and it reminds me of him
I wonder what does he like about the song too...
Carol s2s2s2
I love this song💜💜
Can you guys back and make this kind of song? I miss you.
2018 @ny body ??
et tu
Esta cancion es lo mejor y ademas coldplay tambien a la mierda el trap y el genero urbano "solo coldplay "
Esta si es una canción coldplay :')