Coldplay - Yellow

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Coldplay - Yellow

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Coldplay - Yellow yooo this is part of my High School Bands marching show (the 2nd movement)
I was crying and my boyfriend at de time played this song and held me, jheez. Memories ay.
This music is not going to happen
my eerste like nmr of coldp
The best
Beautiful music
Only 179M views smh
Turkey Farts and I were walking on the talented as hell and respected around the world "Legends Coldplay Trail" underneath the most beautiful galaxy of stars that resembled "Captain Melissa Haney" giant footprints floating gently up in the air like Kings and Queens under the Bobcaygeon northern lights.
We were walking on a trail and we met up with birdwatchers. Some were wearing "Lauryn Hill" jerseys, some "Sheryl Crow" jerseys, some iHeartRadio"jerseys, and some "tiff-Toronto International Film Festival" jerseys. A bufflehead duck landed in front of a dogwood tree where Aye-Aye and nuthatches were standing upside down on the tree. As the bufflehead duck mindlessly started to "quack, quack, quack, yak, yak, yak" , Aye-Aye stopped snacking on gooseberries and we could hear Aye-Aye trying to explain to the nuthatches..."You wonder if for example a bufflehead duck is aware of how so unaware of its unawareness. You wonder if a bufflehead ever did dare to explore its own unawareness to become aware if it even dared and was brave enough to go there and genuinely cared it would be too much to bare so it stays trapped in its own refused to ever go there snare. The nuthatches nodded in a no motion because they did not seem to understand a damn thing Aye-Aye was chirping about. All of a sudden wouldn't you know it a big old grizzly bear came stomping over a spud/tater field walking with an air of flare and chased the bufflehead duck just by blowing a breath of fresh crisp clean air. " Lots of action in this neck of the forest eh?
We saw people of all cultures, hopes, and dreams singing by the River by the Harvest glacier mountaintops.
We could hear the giant "Willie Nelson" singing "Summertime" playing on an outdoor speaker.
Have a most beautiful and peaceful day! U2 roared whisky jacks gliding over four leaf clover meadows.
Soar and Roar like hell!
This has been a family favourite esspecially for my grandad who loves clod play whenever my baby sister cries we put on this song and she calms down its so cute :)
Why does this video have 179 MILLION views??
Can't listen to this without crying my parents and siblings used to sit in bed together and listen to this every Sunday on the most sunniest day I loved it was my childhood.but then my dad started drinking a lot and he broke my moms ribs from beating her. There divorced now but this song brings back memories before make life a little better
As of 08/15/2017, 19k people dislike the color yellow. Man, they're seriously missing out...
The skin and bones parts always gives me chills. Something about it makes me so introspective and I love it 🙌
720p machine broken we got 360p tho
0% sexy girl
0% porn
100% talent
i'm 13 and this song came out when i was 7. This song helped me when i was in a dark place from November 2016 ~ February 2016. I was so depressed and i wanted to die. This song pretty much saved my life.😭😊
Hermosa canción, Chris martin talento puro y guapo por siempre