CRYSTAL VIPER - Why Can't You Listen (2013) // official audio

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CRYSTAL VIPER - Why Can't You Listen (2013) // official audio

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CRYSTAL VIPER - Why Can't You Listen (2013) // official audio Man, why didn't I discover these earlier?
Little remind on Zed Yago from 80s
i love it!
great vibes and brutal sound ... Marta sounds like a little bit of Doro ... I love it
Impresionante descubrimiento, Heavy Metal verdadero!!!!
Fascinating how judgmental people can be when they are just an icon on a comment section. Just because you have worked with the band does not give you a golden key to piss on them. It is very unprofessional, for one thing, which is probably why metalheads have never seen your name on a bill. So if you do not have an ear for good vocals, or music in general, maybe you should go back to whatever custodial vocation you occupied before being allowed to work any sound boards.
I guess this is what you call a budget "official music video".

Great song though :)
I liked!
Old school Heavy Metal!
The school mother of all subsequent sections!
Greetings from Brazil!
Eu gostei!
Velha escola do Heavy Metal!
A escola mãe de todas as vertentes posteriores!
Saudações do Brasil!
another boring song this is why dirt rock from the eighties died off. No wonder this stuff is only popular in europe
No saben lo ARRECHO que es tocar y cantar y de paso con esa técnica vocal, tener la ideología y ser vieja escuela, y para ustedes hombres... eso no lo conseguirán fácilmente en mujeres. ¡EXCELENTE BANDA!
muy buen disco, excelente cancion, Muy buena voz para el heavy metal Marta Gabriel
Pesima cantante
One hell of a song. Love it.
Afmrecords supports metal. I find that as cool.  Crystal Viper is great and the singer can visit me any day of the week. She's hot and my knees go weak in her presence but my heart would grow strong.