Darude - Feel The Beat

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Darude - Feel The Beat

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Darude - Feel The Beat At 3:28, please don't dance with fires. It's DANGEROUS
Привет с 2к18))))
Hitler would approve.
Who's listening in 2k18?
Any video clip with a yellow Viper and white jumpsuits has to be cool! lol :)
Good old times :D
This isn't sandstorm!! Fuck..
This the best song by Darude.!!!!
Feel the Beat

His world is suddenly filled with action, simplicity
There is no light but there is sand, it fills him great sluggish waves
Not held but felt through this hundred cells, the cells pulse, separate
Contract according to the rush of blood
This is now the basis of his being, the flow is in his blood
I feel the beat

Τραγουδοποιοί: Jaakko Sakari Salovaara / Ville Virtanen
Στίχοι τραγουδιού Feel the Beat © Universal Music Publishing Group
It does not feel like 18 years ago since this track was released. Love that the case he carries contains a vinyl record, and it gets played on 1210`s :)
Despina Vandi ypofero looks like
Как машина назыается?
Fasza zene a volt osztálytársam balogh mihály kedvence.
is this sandstorm 2?
Darude - feel the beat in a sandstorm
THIS IS THE SONG why 6 million only.. people dont know what is real and beautiful
I love Dodge Viper,i love American muske Kar...
Suomi Confirmed