Darude - Feel The Beat

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Darude - Feel The Beat

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Darude - Feel The Beat Darude in 2018?!
2018 ?
I can feel the beat FREEDREAM.IN
i dont know why Sandstorm gets all the fame. this song is much better
Listen it in 2018
Anyone knows the name of those sunglasses :D?
Darude- not sandstorm
Darude brought synth back
1995-2000 — The era of nice and simple songs, fast cars and cool sunglasses.
0:43 Darude had some network lagg...
Roller → Viper → Helicopter ... Where is the part he jumps into the space shuttle?
3:18 Which song is he playing?
Watching Darude Sandstorm:
Hey bro can I copy your homework?
Sure but don't make it to close....
I can spill the beans, spill the beans, spill the beans
Feel the Dandstorm
1:17 perfection
huh sandstorm?
or darude?
may be Narude Borude?
You left the Viper you bastard!
Aż dreszczyk przechodzi, dzis już nie tworzą takich utworów. It is the best Music