Darude - Sandstorm

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Darude - Sandstorm

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Darude - Sandstorm Back for my daily dose.
I love this song
If you don't know the song you were looking its called "Darude Sandstorm"
I feel clickbaited!
After watching Johnny English Strikes Again, I decided to pay a visit to the legendary song
My fav part is when the dog is barking :D
Only came cause the grumps <3
Look at the google lyrics for this
Best video for trolling
Acabo de caer por octava vez
Came for the meme
Stayed for the music
not the thing i was looking for but im still happy
60% What is the song name. "Answer: -DARUTE - SANDSTORM.
23% OMG! 9 YEARS
16% 2018?
1% This song is really good.

1:13 why did he put the gun back
All the dislikes are from people who got misled.
Why did this become the troll song? Lol like why is this always in the comments when someone says “song name”?
This made me cry best sad Roblox story :'(
Johnny English 😂