David Bowie - Heroes

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David Bowie - Heroes

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David Bowie - Heroes 2018....

legend never dies ...
The perks if beeing a wallflower...
And no, i am not crying, you are!
Dam, he had that thing, i do not know What it was but he had it..
Who else came because Regular Show
Good show :)
who is here because of perks of being a wallflower??
Just for one day.
I'll would settle for a quarter of a day hero...
I want people to know one thing and it's totally my opinion. Michael Jackson was a great artist and will always be one of my idols but I honestly seriously believe David Bowie was slightly better... No a racial thing I just think Bowie did it and saw it all all way before Micheal was just starting. But love both of them. Anyways love DB forever
Dos años sin este divino cantante, diferente a todos, grande entre los grandes.
this is everything
Club der roten Bänder ❤❤❤
Damn I can't listen to this without tearing up.
zijn beste
emma watson, as vantagens de ser invisivel
Cdrb ❤
Why can't I find the lyrics of this song?
Rip vlad virus skull
Rip hr hacker