David Bowie - Heroes

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David Bowie - Heroes

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David Bowie - Heroes Regular show :(
This song has so much power in it
1;19 sad
Whats really special about this song, is that if you remove the music its just a guy screaming lyrics, but combined with the music it turns into something extraordinary.
Eu me sinto infinito ❤
Un show mas💔
Perks of being a wallflower
amo ♥
The almost 10k dislikes 😵
Un show más
I could name , at least , 3 individuals in this video whose presence is every bit as intense as Bowie´s ... can´t you see them ?
Apenas um show - Regular show
RIP regular show 2010-2018 although there's a continuation through comics
Siempre me hace bien escucharlo 💛
Even in death this man is a genius
Come here because this is the song of regular show s finale

Fills you with determination
Just beautiful
Just epic
R e a g u l a r s h o w
The perks of being a wallflower