David Bowie - Lazarus

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David Bowie - Lazarus

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David Bowie - Lazarus whoever likes David Bowie just don't say anything mean to him he could probably hear us (this will be cringy) but guys for real don't so what he dead not like you can say everything bad it shows how much of a discrace you are he in a better place R.I.P David Bowie
There he goes, making love to his ego.
El genio musical más grande de todos los tiempos. Desde los 60 's hasta después de su muerte, siempre innovador y vanguardista, siempre reinventandose. Nadie ha logrado ser tan brillante desde su juventud hasta su etapa de viejo, algunos porque murieron jóvenes otros porque el talento y la creatividad se les esfumaron o porque sucumbieron a la moda, Bowie marcó la dirección de la música. En este video en particular sabiendo ya que estaba en su etapa final pudo dejar un testamento audiovisual que sacude hasta lo más profundo, imposible evitar las lágrimas, grande siempre David Bowie y por si fuera poco el favorito de una de mis hijas. Bowie conmigo desde mi adolescencia y un motivo de comunión con mi niña.
My dad has luekmia and I can't stop listening to this and balling my eyes out I pray please please don't take him from me
David Bowie was so expressive through movement and body language, his final song and the video to accompany it, just summarize Bowie's talent so strongly. A long life of inspiration and pure genius layed to rest. Rest in Peace David.
The songs title "Lazarus" really made me think deeply about when a well known person dies... I mean they basically dies but then comes back (Kinda like Lazarus) with the way people starts checking out their music and stuff sometimes even making them even more popular than they were before..
it's crazy how even though he is dead he is still gaining fans like me
It still amazes me he could do all this while battling cancer. He really did love his work.
il miss him goblin king :(
is this video/song linked to blackstar because there are many similarities
i saw a clip of the video just over a year ago around the time he died.this is the first time i seen this in full.
Maybe he was trying to tell us something.
David bowie rules
It's so crazy that he knew he was dying when he made this. He knows this amazing life he had was coming to an end. I believe his most recent music reflects that.
One of the most courageous, beautiful and full of grace videos I have ever seen.
10 Seconds In
Me: "I can't do this."
davis bowie never dies
I didn't feel sad watching this, I felt incredibly unnerved though. Some of the imagery here is just scary, and it really comes across that this guy was fully aware of what was coming. He knew that his death was on the horizon. That moment with him climbing silently into the closet was almost gut wrenching. It was him entering a coffin of his own creation. Truly amazing.
he was such a big part of my childhood. I literally cried the whole video