David Bowie - Lazarus

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David Bowie - Lazarus

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David Bowie - Lazarus Why have people disliked a video of somebody on their deathbed/song
He died a little bit after making this
can't believe he's been gone for a year but it feels like years that he's been gone r.i.p David you will be missed
Didn't know that Kakashi can sing
He has the jeweled and decorated skull of Major Tom on his desk (from blackstar)
Is it normal that this video makes me cry? :'(. He never died, his physical figure went off, but his soul and his music is inside we
he knew he was going to die, in this song he said goodbye.
the legend that is david bowie never died in our hearts
Bowie will always have a place in my heart forever I heard his best of Bowie album and I absolutely loved it and the next day my mum told me he had dyed
This has to be the saddest song i've ever heard. I don't even listen to his works, but everytime i watch this video, i can't help but shed a tear.
You suck. You left us. Lol love you anyway but you're gone. We have to learn to live without you. That's gonna be hard to do, considering I've known about you for my whole life and it just seems impossible to live on this planet without you. I know I didn't like you for awhile, but that was only because i was kid and i was taught that all celebrities are the same. WRONG. You were the best celebrity EVER! And I look at you as a person for that. You weren't perfect, you had good and bad sides just like everyone else and there no difference between you and me. I also thought you were weird, but I learned to like that, because I'm weird. Anyway, you were the best person ever, I really like you, I really love your voice and you were hot most of your life!
Rast im peice
Hey bowie! Suck my ass
any1 know wuts with the facewrap n buttons?
Ill be free
-_- all goose bumps and tears still ...
I can't watch this