David Bowie - Lazarus

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David Bowie - Lazarus

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David Bowie - Lazarus It's so painful to watch this. The words... What courage. Still you were taken too soon. I know you disliked religion, but I need to hope that you found some reward where u are now. All the joy you brought to so many, I really hope wherever you are that you ARE "FREE", AND HAPPY.
This was a goodbey
This was a goodbey
A true artist and pioneer until the end. Always remembered ,never replicated.
Brb, now off to listen to Silencer - Death Pierce Me for amplified black energy out of fucking nowhere.
just noticed that when he is writing in his notebook it seems like something, possibly his death, is forcefully dragging him away into the closet. As if he wanted to give us more but time didn't let him.
I miss you always Starman 💙🌠
You will live forever man, no matter what
this wasn't one of my favorites by him, but 44m views... he touched a lot of people and accomplished more than any other person in history
He’s soul will live forever and so will his music
rest in peace
Me transfiere mucha incertidumbre!,,,muy buena canción,,,un señor de Pi a Pa
Just stopped by to say hi, you are missed!
cu eh massa man
Musical camelion in my opinion! He changed my life! He's free from pain now. See you in the next life! 😞
Such an amazing man, so sad to lose him. Honestly he changed my life and gave me incredible music to listen to. His music makes so much sense and will live on forever