David Bowie - Lazarus

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David Bowie - Lazarus

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David Bowie - Lazarus Rip David Bowie
these lyrics link to all Major events in his life. But Subtitles on and you will see
Hes in the Tesla roadster to mars
Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear; realize this song is a confession. A very, very honest confession.
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Well is it cold up there... Man?
Still so fucking heartbreaking...Who can watch it without crying...
It's sad because he knew he would die rip ever since my music teacher introduced me to your music you've touched my heart
18k dislikes? SHAME
Fue y sera una estrella ...😔
Trust David Bowie to turn his death into a piece of art...A true artist.
This video makes it seem like David was dying so they were putting his essence in the young kid and David finally got to be free and escape death and celebrity and live again and rise like Lazarus in a fresh body.
He's the starman that blew all our minds. Still enjoying your music in 2018.
This gives me life and sadness, live on starman!! Fly high!! Miss you
He isn't dead at all. He is just in outer space, looking for answers if there's life on Mars. We miss you, Starman, every single day.
I couldn't watch this till now,7/12/2018. Still hurts.
You've breathed life in us live forever,Starman,I love you!
I cant ever watch labyrinth again. Without crying.
Why i discover a good artist after her dead..