David Guetta - Dangerous (Official video) ft Sam Martin

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David Guetta - Dangerous (Official video) ft Sam Martin

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David Guetta - Dangerous (Official video) ft Sam Martin Climax, eh? - Anyway, this looks more like a wild west pistol duel than an actual F1 racing season finale.
This whole setting, the whole hostility in this and the competitive machismo, it's totally off the tracks if I may say so. (And I get that it's not meant to be realistic.)
My conclusion: Damn, I need some of those girls in my place. Bring a few extras, and a few sexy guys too, alright. And make that a daily event.
I am 44 and this never gets old. I can still remember like the first time hearing it. Stunning!
Omg. As a f1 fan this is really cringe
J adore cette musique il y a de l emotion
It is a nice
this song is already just 4 years old and it feels nostalgic i don't know why lol
che robbaaaaaaa
2:41 David's Face..
guetta needs a granma...poor guy.
2018 like 😂😁👍👍👍👍
Real vid starts at 3:55
Почему нет субтитров на английском и русском
A que mierda sabe xD
I only came for Grosjean
Somg staet 3:50
I think this song is forgetten
It would be interesting to see grid girls also fight and mouthed among themselves
This song marked my childhood
Viral video song of the year.... Sensational hit song..
Pls watch, share and support
Aigiri nandini Rock Version