DEF LEPPARD "Man Enough" (official video)

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DEF LEPPARD "Man Enough" (official video)

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DEF LEPPARD "Man Enough" (official video) Sonido limpio, quizá muy cerca del pop, pero bien en general

So Cool !
The best
If I'm not man enough,Def Leopard is gay enough.
I'm very dissapointed with the lepps, they should have retired after Histeria, now theyre clowns, its my opinion.
Are you man enough to be my girl? They might wanna reword that.
no, ty old was way better
Me gusta
molto Queen....
Lame!!! Old Skool classic sound... Nothing new about it...
glam 100% popopopop
Loving this song
Sucks, too much bass. Not Def Leppard at all.
Hi, I love the current material. You guys are genius! I have the upmost respect for everyone of you! All the tragedy and never moaning, and getting better with time. Steve Clark ( Rip)!
Always something new and fresh with you gentlemen.
You guys look great too! I love that you do not use drugs!
It inspires us everyday!
Keep Rockin´! A fan for life! Cheers
p.s. Andy loves it too ( hates computers) & says Hiya mates! Ciao
Some Ambient Electronica on my profile.
Can’t wait to see em in Pittsburgh tomorrow \m/
They mean :
"Are you man enough to be gay"
Haa shitheads
Love it. Just like Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, etc.....they have evolved. It is what it is. I played music for a living in the 80's just like they did. You can't sing stuff now like you did when you were 23. You evolve or you die. Period. They are still doing what they've always done...make killer music. All the haters?... just hush. Enjoy the ride for cryin' out loud. Lol. ;)