DEF LEPPARD "Man Enough" (official video)

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DEF LEPPARD "Man Enough" (official video)

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DEF LEPPARD "Man Enough" (official video) ❤💋YES💋❤
Another one bites the dust
That's a good album. Really good album.
I think its a really cool song what if its nothing like their output from the 80s or 90s, it's a funky little homage to Queen (by their own admission) and it works....
I love this song
About time "Sav" got to show his chops on the base that riff kicks ass..
Such an awesome Queen vibe Def Leppard never disappoints. Even they're new pop stuff should be on the non rock stations other than the trash that gets played these days
For the people saying this isn't real Leppard everyone said the same thing about slang and that became one of their most listened to songs. Music is ever evolving so no point in bitching that they don't sound like old Leppard.
okay the videos suck suck big time
from def leopard music good vid bad
1:52 i cant handle elliot
393 people are not man enough
This song puts me to sleep. I just find it utterly boring.
I was late to the party I became a fan after watching Hysteria the Def Leppard story but they have been doing their thing longer then I have been alive.
Just saw Def Leppard last night in St. Louis. Incredible talent and show. Same for opening act Poison and Telsa. I had not heard this song until last night. My new favorite. Nice job Def Leppard. Long live rock 'n roll!!!
This has definite roots in Another one bites the dust by Queen and sounds amazing live!
This song just Grew on me. It's got groove and yet, still able to maintain that Hard Rock feel at the same time. \m/ \m/
Saw you guys in Lincoln, Nebraska this May while you were touring with Poison and Tesla. Best 3 hours of my life! I had never heard this song before that night, and let me tell you, I fell in love with it.
Is he singing about a tranny ?