Demis Roussos - Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye (1973) HQ

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Demis Roussos - Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye (1973) HQ

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Demis Roussos - Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye (1973) HQ Wat a voice.... A very touching song
His gestures - it is something terrific ))
Demis Roussos ???!!! DIVINE VOICE !!! GREAT VOICE !!! VOICE - PRIDE FOR Greece !!! VOICE - PRIDE FOR The World CULTURE !!! We - ALL Bulgarians LOVE Demis Roussos ENDLESS !!! Always with a lot of love and light eternal Demis Roussos"s FAN Nadya Mirkova and all my big family, and all my friends from Sofia - Bulgaria - Europe - Russia - USA and all World !!!
Une voix d'or parti trop tôt.
Il fait partie de les souvenirs d'enfance. Mes parents en étaient fan. Good bye-bye l'ami. Repose paix
What cute guy! LOVE his voice! <3
musica linda e encantador
Just one word ,fantastic
Maldito anciano es mi heroe
najpiękniejsza .!!! moja siostra 40 lat temu opuściła nas i nasz kraj ,słuchałem ciągle ,mam 3 płyty Russosa,srebrna ,złota 3x złota
voor mijn allerliefste papa die gestorven is op 25 november 2017, dank u voor alles
we missen u heel you
So nodboy was sent here by that prank video
One of the Greatest Performers and Songs of all times!!!!!!!!!
The best voice ever my grandmother my mother and now me love it
Especially this song
Wow R.I.P to my mother and grandmother I have to think on then listening to this song
Yesterday i was staying in home with my father he started telling me about the time when he was a student in Skopje, he is 62 now, he told me that all students would dance to this song in parties i couldnt believe that my albanian father use to listen to english music and he made me search this, i found him this song and after all these years he listened it again i could see nostalgy in his eyes.
une voix, une sensibilité......ça vous décolle du sol...çc vous porte aux nues et ça vous berce, et ça vous berce......
Goodbye,My Love, song, I love the songs...
LOVE this mans voice, beautiful song & artist xo
... !!!