Demis Roussos - Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye (1973) HQ

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Demis Roussos - Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye (1973) HQ

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Demis Roussos - Goodbye, My Love, Goodbye (1973) HQ 19 April 2019 watching from Malaysia❤️
Rest in Peace
В Россию приехл в последний раз..перед смертью.....Спасибо заяц !!!!
old song but a beautiful melody
He looks like a Mexican pavarotti or a better freddy fender whats up with the overly exspressive hand gestures still made me laugh though shit is funny when you intake shiz like this cactus drinking legend GooDbye MYlove GooDbye when you feel as if you've lost everything then u see some cracked Mehican shiz that's just so fucked & funny El Fidanza rest his soul.
Goodbye Demis....
Denis russo incomparavel
R.I.P Demiss Roussos ❤
Yeah beautiful
So beautiful
This Extraordinary song brings backs so many beautiful memories of my Bulgarian grandparents😥
I miss them so so much!!!
Quand on écoute demis roussos on s aperçoit vraiment qu on vit actuellement une époque de merde
To nadal daje nam MOC
ايام رايع رحات مشكوار عل هدي اغني رايع الله يارحمك 😥
This song is so funny makes me lol and fart in the same time. This song is very good if you wanna brake up easy :D
Unbeschreiblich wundervoll !
Goodbye my sweet
I love you my song. Very beautiful and wonderful I love song I cry this for song She has got a song 1st on ist wonderful and beautiful ♥️❤️💕😀😅😄