Denis Leary - Asshole (Uncensored Version)

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Denis Leary - Asshole (Uncensored Version)

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Denis Leary - Asshole (Uncensored Version) I love pissing all over public toilet seats, and the flush button
you all have handicapped faces
Remember when this was Louis cks joke before it was a dumb shitty song sang by a long faced alcoholic?
I know yall gona bash me bt i dont care this song is to P.O.T.U.S😂😂😂
Yes, yes I am
I was with you up to the point you blew your nose on my flag. Some lines you just don’t cross and that’s one of em. Now get lost you washed up never was.
This is the most American song I've ever heard.
THIEF! Concept stolen from Louis CK
So......HOW many votes did Trump get?
salut a tous et en particulier a pierre on ne connait que lui!!! bravo les artistes,a bientot dans une salle de concert.famille perrodeau guadeloupe.
Didn't know Brian Redban was in this
Fuck me! Did you ever think this would describe Donald Trump??
Poor little guy. Texas Pride?
I found my new Mantra! 😎
Ah... my ex-wife’s favorite thing to call me. Jokes on her, I am!!
thats me and i love it
what a madlad
I really wish I didn't love you so much, Asshole!
All the right wing Trump fans saying they love this song, don't you realize Leary was trolling and MAKING FUN OF people like you? lol
It's been years since I listened to this..