Denis Leary - Asshole (Uncensored Version)

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Denis Leary - Asshole (Uncensored Version)

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Denis Leary - Asshole (Uncensored Version) i relate too much to this song
I hope that when George Soros is roasting in Hell, that this song is played just for him at a very high volume for all of eternity. He must hate this song worse than any other. It must just grate on him.
#Im an ass hole
Who's the band playing with him?
louis ck
Bill hicks wannabe
Good song, too bad he stole the bit from Louis C.K.
Every American ever
You are welcome Mr. Dennis.
This song gives me feelings in the cockles of my heart.
If it wasn’t for driving slow on the left lane I would have really liked this song, therefore thumbs down! What an ass!
And as we all know, most Americans don’t understand irony; this wasn’t a call to arms, he’s being sarcastic... /smh
Modern America’s National Anthem.
It even teaches those dumb, mouth-breathing, gun-toting yanks how to spell!
American comedy at it's best, because sometimes I also " AM AN ASSHOLE ! "
Andrew wk wants his joke back .ahole
2018 anyone?
He Stole this from louie ck. Google it
The wife reminds me of Peggy Bundy.
Jesse's Traveling Notary Public in California 1. 909.212.2911
Am i the only one who gets the General Patton parts(when he's giving the speech)