Dennis Lloyd - Nevermind (Official Video)

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Dennis Lloyd - Nevermind (Official Video)

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Dennis Lloyd - Nevermind (Official Video) Great advertising song chosen by BMW! Love this song, thx BMW!
Needs to be 6 minutes longer!
whoever wrote the commercial picked a great song for it.......really cool off a positive relaxing feel
New old music 🤪❤
This song has a beautiful ethereal relaxing vibe. Nice.
Heard this song in a Barnes and Nobles while I was reading and had to whip out my phone to find and save it. So good 👌
Dennis Lloyd: Nevermind
I literally have been looking for this song for 20 minutes now in class🎶
i haven't liked a new group or sound in a decade this is it........
Beautiful sad song
Was here before the bmw commercial, I was just dying to finally see a music video to this song
Saw this song in 2017
Can anybody recommend similar artists to Lloyd?
This song really deserves at least 1M likes if not more, it is awesome, better than most of the modern rap shit, come on guys! At least half of the songs are good today, maybe more than half of today’s songs, oh well, nevermind!
That bmw commercial sold me the song, not the car😂😂
I heard this song in Vegas 🤣🔥🔥😬