Deorro, Chris Brown - Five More Hours (Official Video)

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Deorro, Chris Brown - Five More Hours (Official Video)

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Deorro, Chris Brown - Five More Hours (Official Video) I kinda felt uncomfortable watching this so I LITERALLY spent the whole time reading comments did anyone else do that? or am I lonely😂😂😂
Atroworld 🌍🔭
The atuotune why
I hate that they took the song and rapped over it about partying and shit. Deorro made the song about how it took 5 hours to drive and see his girlfriend but now it’s all about partying.
At the very beginning is like the spongebob movie when they have the krabby patty car
A lot of people say that featuring Chris Brown in this song is bad. I honestly disagree. Putting Chris Brown in this song made it more fun and atmospheric to me. I thought the original 5 Hours song that is 5 minuets longs was just uninteresting. Oh, and, Chris Brown, why couldn’t you put this song in the deluXe tracks in your album X?! That would’ve been perfect!
This bring me so much memories
My favorite
They stole the song 5 Hours.
Who Else Is Here Because of Kim Taehyung (V) Crazy Vid😂😂❤️
Oh woah dude abq?I live there!Damn I want to go know,shit i'm only 14 though that sucks.
Them ladies look good
I heard this song on Field Day at my school, that's why I'm here. 💞
Muito top se liga nu som na letra sou brasileiro mas sei ouvir uma boa música e o Cris destrói