Destiny's Child - Survivor (Official Music Video) ft. Da Brat

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Destiny's Child - Survivor (Official Music Video) ft. Da Brat

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Destiny's Child - Survivor (Official Music Video) ft. Da Brat what kind of band is this, the other to are literally humming the entire time
dead by daylight rank 1 survivor theme
This a PSA... To YOU.. My Queen raised a hear me?? I'm A Survivor!!
I love this song sooooo goooodddd
Who's here before 100million views????
Im an big fan
I know this is really supposed to be an after love song but it reminds me of when me and my best friend of 3 and a bit years finally called it quits after she kept backstabbing and hurting me emotionally and she seemed surprised to see I was enjoying life without her, anyone reading this, you are amazing even if nobody seems to see it!!!
We all came for this 0:51
Me when I make a bowl of cereal without asking my mom for help
I'm a survivor
Чи да!?!!!?!!!!
2019 🙋
@dianaross You're turn. Come on. You could do this.
To my baby daddy thinking I was going to fail at being a single mom. I got this cause my son and I are doing good here on our own. Loving life !!!💕💕💕💕💕
When you are done paying child support to a bat shit crazy womean
Here from WB superstar Frank
When you get to your 30’s and realize it’s time to put the work in and begin yourself again to be the woman you always wanted to be when you where little. No matter what you’ve been through, keep on surviving. :)
how’d they get camo tank tops, boots, gengim shorts and metal bracelets in a jungle...?