Disturbed - Indestructible [Official Music Video]

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Disturbed - Indestructible [Official Music Video]

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This is one of my fav's so much energy --check my videos Tony Allen Immortal
is this from attack on titan
The homosapien "advance" ( wearing the "shoes") in that time is attacking the other sapiens because I think he's getting all the food. Most sapiens are scared the ones who are dominant...until someone has the courage to confront them. It's the brink of evolution. The "African" guy confront a "sandstorm" because in that time, they didn't know what causes the sandstorm (maybe some magic voodoo inside of it) so the African guy wants to discover it "another cause for me to light". It's about courage, confronting our fears and once confronting, we find the truth at the time too...like the Viking guy (maybe), the Greek guy and the "Minotaur" (perhaps in disguise haha) wants to scare the people, so they use fire to dominant them until someone finds the courage to discover what inside of it. "From the other side a terror to behold". Basically, the other side, let's say the bad side use terror but the other side, the good side, is a terror too. Finally someone can scare the terror who uses terror. The bad guys are vulnerable without their ways of terror.
Still can’t stand they have a female solider at the end, like she belongs with the rest of history’s warriors. Feminist bullshit.
wihout puorpose imediatly see machiavelli scopul scuza mijloacele
this song remembers me of duality off human nature the masterpieces of humanity and culture and decadent wars and with no pourpose off violence!!!
Probably the greatest song from Disturbed!
Every time it switches to the women running while shooting gives me chills
Alguém fala português?
Gonna listen to this while running a magic deck where every monster has Indestructible and/or Hexproof. Or also a YGO deck for unkillables.
I am indestructible , true fact escaped death 3 times !
This song is like cocaine for my ears it makes me feel like I can do anything
Thank you very very much to all the Men and Women and ( K9 ) who 👍Serve and Served in War !!! You are all Warriors! 👍 Light an love 🇺🇸
May I ask why there is Gunshots but then people Spears
My dogs listened tothis song. Now they are lycans fighting a greater evil, the vampires
When I saw the video for the first time, I thought it was a teaser for "Attack on Titan".
This song gave MCLA a twist!