DJ Fresh - 'Gold Dust' (Official Video)

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DJ Fresh - 'Gold Dust' (Official Video)

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DJ Fresh - 'Gold Dust' (Official Video) my parents split up in 2014, simply because my mum just wasn’t in love with my dad anymore. He moved out and had no furniture except his tv and wifi. My clearest memory of their breakup was my dad and i lying on his floor facing the tv, discovering this song. It cheered him up so much he listened to it every single day to keep positive. Music is so powerful and this song deserves much more appreciation💕
2018, still banging.
Over 8 years old... 42M+ views...

First of all, crazy. Second, aaAAAGH memories
Flux Pavillion much needed
My Gosh I almost choked when I saw it was 8 years ago :o
One of THEE best videos I can remember seeing.

A great video that is just not filled with mindless filth and half naked women.
This video and song will never get old <3
you here me coming through ya speaeakeas
Make sure you put up that triple sixso you get paid
Jesus Christ that’s some shitttty music.
This should have been on pulse radio in Forza Horizon 1
I’m on holiday and I heard this song and liked it so shazamed it
The one he made with Rita ora 'hot right now's is also a pumped up happy song. Love to run to it and just sit with my headphones and rock with it! Like this DJ ^^
jump rope just got real
0 -0.12 is suck
0 -0.12 is suck