DJ Fresh - 'Gold Dust' (Official Video)

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DJ Fresh - 'Gold Dust' (Official Video)

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DJ Fresh - 'Gold Dust' (Official Video) literally the first and only song that made me dance in my room all by myself.
That double dutch though, INSANE!!! Oh, and great song too...
A i okazuję się że są lepsze zajęcia niż sterczenie pod klatką - Świetny kawałek :)
still such a phAT BOP
8 year's and I'm still here
7 years
Some impressive rope work right there..... Christ!
''clap you're fingers''
What about flux pavilion remix?
never seen anyone in NY do this
First I heard in the fifa 07 or 08?
Does anyone after all these years, actually know who the cast was for this song... I really cant find it. And I do wanna find it.
please help me out.
I heared this song when I was about 5. I couldn't even find the song. but now I have found the song. Good song
professional rope skipping artist, brilliant
This song reminds me of my mum we used to dance to it all the time like put it on really loud and we'd do skiping
omg i found it!!
kto slucha w 2018 lapka w gore