DJ Fresh - 'Gold Dust' (Official Video)

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DJ Fresh - 'Gold Dust' (Official Video)

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DJ Fresh - 'Gold Dust' (Official Video) Chingon!
Rude boy massive. Technical.
This is ministry of sound so Sony all the way and you know what that means, the awesome music video to DJ Fresh and gold dust large indeed.
Is fun on osu :)
The spinning cartwheel back flip barrel roll dude needs a cheers he may need too refresh the G in him otherwords give him a bowl too smoke also mr smiles gather up the 3 amigos reunite with skipping ghetto maneuver larger than life may need to help
ladies make sequels to give the dude some loving respect "
never leave a man down or forget who your brothers are
goes for the cheerleaders mums children with a theme music party food old school way of life like our elders had too live with b4 technology went digital have a rooftop party to skip the jargon here is my contribution undone
Xbox one kinect rivals 👋. Who says kinect is dead
Hell yeah my song bro
This edm style wont back :(
1:47 😤😤
He's lost it man.
at least leave an inspiring comment top of the pile
Mixed well with "Grades Up" also dnb
Flux remix is bettwr
One of them songs that just makes u think about life ye know what I mean
Just dance brought me here
wow the part of the zoo with all the monkies my favorite!
at 1:34 they fucked it up
B line