DJ Fresh - 'Gold Dust' (Official Video)

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DJ Fresh - 'Gold Dust' (Official Video)

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DJ Fresh - 'Gold Dust' (Official Video) 1 anyone
Skipping in for boys and girls
I agree to max howlett
Fuck of
You are so bad at skipping
The beat just the best
This is perfect for Gym!
fo real - I come back to this vid over and over again - uplifting inspiring beauty power - top ranking
this is too much cool for one video. it makes other videos jealous
It's so optimistic it makes me vomit lol
I love the song! And what a great video!
Wish that I was there with my dance 🎻 ! Xxx
When I see videos like this I get so amazed by the fact that these people can control their bodies this well. Like, my brain is so dumb it can't even remember how long my arms are, so I always kick stuff. And these guys... they are genius to me.
soccer am dance off 2013
push the tempo
Another reason why I don't hate or haress black people. BTW still lovin' this song!
2018 Anyone?
Like for 2018 ?