DJ Snake - Middle ft. Bipolar Sunshine

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DJ Snake - Middle ft. Bipolar Sunshine

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DJ Snake - Middle ft. Bipolar Sunshine 2019
what does he say at 4:29?
BR?br/br? alguen
just awsm 2018, May 👏👏👏
just awsm 2018, May 👏👏👏
Aaaaaaaaaaaa mi parte favorita
I cryed after watching this sad song :(
I am sitting here after 2 years and what is shown here is my story with my ex girlfriend but unfortunately it did not end well and I will regret it forever
Love músic ❤️
La mejor canción😻
I sang this to niece when I was leaving home to go to my base i am a flight attendant she sang it with me 😭😭it was kind of embarrassing cause everyone clapped at us in the airport
dj 🐍 👋👌👌👌👌👌
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