DNCE - Kissing Strangers ft. Nicki Minaj

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DNCE - Kissing Strangers ft. Nicki Minaj

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DNCE - Kissing Strangers ft. Nicki Minaj Why has this only got 19mil views
omggg i love nikkis rap its soooo good
is there a version without the retarded minaj?
Заебок! Ля ля ляля
Why y'all talking about Don Thrilla ? I don't get it
the condoms 0:42
0:37 Saw the crew and camera XD
who is here before 19 million views
did anyone realise Nicki mostly start her part with "young money" ? like if you do 😂🙌
Nicki Minaj is seriously the person that least sings in the whole video!
I love all DNCe songs!! And nicki looks beautiful in this video!!
I just click everytime on this song for the Nicki's part, it's awesome
Nicki looks pretty in this.
song starts at 2:18 :)
Hola soy El caballo chueco
es de mis favoritas
is that Joe Jonas