Drake - God's Plan

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Drake - God's Plan

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Drake - God's Plan 2: 00 the best moment
God job doood
Yo this really made me cry osrs
you are my real hero
good working by drake
osm ........................
Mask off & God's plan
2018? ♥
He peng doe
Haven't teared up in years, lil brother. May Allah Continue To Bless You And Yours.
We love you very much
Omg 777m views
Here the lyrics👇

She said do u love me
I tell her only party
I only love my bed and my mama
The best part in this song😍😍
Why do people think that what hes doing is a good idea? lol
777 millions, Like if you see that too.
BRO :z
Bro drake is cool
4:22 even a Gucci dress I’ve been looking at every time at the mall? Jk I would get some clothes cause I don’t have much clothes
This is why I have massive respect for this guy
damn 777.680.372 lucky seven i guess gods plan