Drake - God's Plan

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Drake - God's Plan

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Drake - God's Plan Before 1 bio?😂🖐🏼
Lee s
Who here the beginning part
realy good song
Hello everyone, please I'm single and i need a girlfriend(+393512524503)
Not gonna lie I’m a deep guy emotional and this honestly made me cry I think it’s amazing he did this outta his own pocket what a great human being much love drake
it my money!!!
He wasn't a grammy not justa fuckin recognition like damn!! God .. Eminem
got alot from dis pipo
how Black's nd white relates
Kto z polski?
Who else came here for no reason?
this got more views than i like it yet i like it got like 5 mins in rewind :/
Drake this is a assassin
I love xxxtentacion
Fuck you Drake
#DrakeCool #Yeah
Drake sportief ik ben je grootste fan ik hou van je 🙏❤️👍✌️😎
At 3:15, look at the guy who’s wearing sunglasses backwards. (The guy drake it constantly holding his shoulder)