Drake - God's Plan

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Drake - God's Plan

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Drake - God's Plan omg my daddy im so proud !!
This is the most positive rap ever but still despacito having more views.
You don't know I be looking for CD's with sync sound type music I love and want more music like this from Drake to I like Drake but on certain kind of music no offence but I'm a older person and I love this kind of music looking for a collection and I love the video very nice I was right about you you're a beautiful person thank you for being you help me out on some CD's with this this type of melody Kanya has at lease one but don't know name help and will pay let me know names of songs please bless you play this over and over thanks you if can't it's OK I'm blessed and blessed some because of this song
no words, congratulations for the drake attitude, you and top 👏👏👏❤️
You suck God's plan you're making music off of other rappers I hate you songs
he is a next level boss
This shit is so lit Drake is the best
Try to watch in 2x playback speed 😂😂
xxx killer
Greetings From Argentina!

Good music
Ty Drake for it <3
why your all songs back ground are balck people? think positive! 😑😑😊😊😊😊😊
Is there a muslim version of this too? ''Women used to have rights now they dont aye, Allah's Plan''
Love from India
Why everyone's black in this video
that's extremely generous. But what's the message?
What kill xxxtentancion
Thank You Drake. God Bless U🙏
I cried so what??