Dream Theater – Our New World [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Dream Theater – Our New World [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Dream Theater – Our New World [OFFICIAL VIDEO] ้น่าเบื่อทำไมต้องจ้องจับผิดด้วยวะ
2:23 Petrucci solo!!! Your welcome :)
Dream theater - Metropolis pt 1
Probably the only good song off the Astonishing
What an incredible sound would come from Hetfield singing DT, or O. Womack. Dream, your sound is too powerful for LaBrie. For me, he is a good singer, but that´s about it. You´re in a different level. Greetings.
nice ...
What is the meaning of this song ? Can I sing this in Church?? I mean Youth Church Service ?? I believe this song is about a humans life , a challenge ?? Not purely a love song right ?? Please help !!
A good song but i don't like the autotune on Labrie's voice
Umm I was told this was a prog metal band?
what a bunch of fucking homos. total fag band. sounds like fucking reo speedwagon. what a bunch of faggots.
A shame Labrie can’t sing like this live anymore.
Wow \m/
Overture 1928 and Solitary Shell had copulated and gave birth to this recycled material. I don't know why this tune was chosen for a music video
Petrucci's solo guitars so cool :D
Snare drum sound very similar to Images and Words
I got a free guitar
Dream Theater is an American Progressive Metal Band from Long Island, New York, which was formed originally as “Majesty” by their three core members John Petrucci, Mike Portnoy, and John Myung who have remained with the band since it’s inception in 1985. Other Current Members include James LaBrie and Jordan Rudess. The song “Our New World” is from Act 2 of the album called: The Astonishining, and is Track #12. This song was released as a single on 09 September 2016, “Our New World(ft. Lizzy Hale).” The album was released 29 January 2016 on Roadrunner Records with John Petrucci as Producer. The Atonishing is the 13th studio album by Dream Theater, their last on Roadrunner Records, it is their second concept album and their second studio double album. It is a story conceived by guitarist John Petrucci and Music written by Petrucci and Keyboardist Jordan Rudess. Composer David Campbell assisted with orchestrating the album’s strings and choirs. Mixing and Sound Engineering were primarily performed by the band’s longtime collaborator, Richard Chycki, with Petrucci producing. The Astonishing is set in a dystopian future United States and follows the Ravenskill Rebel Militia in their efforts to defy the Great Northern Empire of the Americas using the magical power of music. It was inspired by contemporary fantasy and science fiction, as well as Petrucci’s observations on the ideas of technological automation in modern day society. In his futuristic society music is created by Noise Machine(NOMACS) instead of humans. And “The Astonishing” part of the story is when his citizens realize the problem with losing their own music and why NOMACS should be destroyed and my words: Rock & Roll should never die! Rock on forever Petrucci & Dream Theater! You guys are so awesome!! “Our New World” is a great song! WoooHooo!💫✨🤘🏻😎🎸-Moderator-🎸😎🤘🏻✨💫
Dream Theater withouth Portnoy is a commercial church band.. it's a shame
Театр Мечты-Вы Лучшие!!!
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