Dream Theater – Our New World [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Dream Theater – Our New World [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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The rare dt song in major
mike portnoy is much better than mike mangini you know why? becoz the original is good compare to a replacement
Teatro degli Arcimboldi, Milan
I love them no other words
I don't like litle bit the tempo of Dream Theater's songs on their latest albums 😭
wow what a solo
Who are those dumbass at 0:47 that have a majesty tatoo UPSIDE-DOWN?
Mangini 's hiatus was his collaboration with annihilator
JP fantastic
I think Mangini is the best drumer of all times,but there is Vinnie Paul and Portnoy and Lombardo.Mangini is not the best choice for this band,Portnoy needs to come back.
song good, but no portnoy drum is no DT ..😏
lyrics not by John myung
This is one of my favorite DT songs!
I need D.T. for my bunghole!
The happy ending to the Astonishing.. and our heroes deserve it!
Nice hook great lyrics great singer cool song
Im not an expert in music, but i like the most their albums/songs from metropolis pt2 up to black cloud. it's easy to listen, memorize the melodies. A dramatic turn is still good. but after those albums, i don't enjoy their songs anymore. it's just too hardcore on my ears. i first came to like dt because their songs were easy to memorize the tunes. just a few playbacks and i can hum to the songs.