Dream Theater – Our New World [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Dream Theater – Our New World [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Dream Theater – Our New World [OFFICIAL VIDEO] Jordan Rhodes great keyboardist player
Would love to see you guy's in Indianapolis or Louisville some day! Love the tone man \m/
Petrucci christ!
Portnoy is missing.We all miss u
!!! !! !!!
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Wonderful! ! 06/ 05/ 2018.....
One of the Best Dream Theater songs of all-time. (I've been a DT fanatic since 2001.)
I want Mike Portnoy feat reuni
Their music has been getting lazier for so long now. This is a snooze fest.
In the thumbnail of this video, James looks like Nathan from South Park.
James Labrie! He is famous! 23/ 04/ 2018....
Thank you! 23/ 04/ 2018....
so what if John Petrucci and james LaBrie are gay together. ITS THEIR CHOICE!!!! I'm fed up of people being rude about them just because they said they like the taste of dick and ass and like to lick cum off each other in an interview. SO WHAT GUYS!! THEY ARE SINCERE. Honestly get a life and just focus on the music.
nice guys
DT for life baby + my favorite drummer of all time Mike the mf ing Master Mangini, the astonishing completely lived up to its name an absolute masterpiece
exact same snare sample as images and words
Singer the best! :-D :-D
amazing band