Dream Theater – Our New World [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Dream Theater – Our New World [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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Dream Theater – Our New World [OFFICIAL VIDEO] It's a bit cheesy, but I like it. Never been a DT fan and never will be, but this is cool.
У петруччи еще больше борода стала)))
Равных им в проге нет
That guitar tone! Perfect!
hoyaaaak da.... sampai bisuak pagi di hoyak di jogja beko
Modern Metal.!
This music fucked up the electronic and auto tuned song
I really like how normal they looks like. I mean they're not another rockstars(ok maybe James a little bit :P ) - just normal guys making awesome music and present incredible skills to us. Thanks for that Dream Theater!
Se o kevin More tivesse ai tava melhor
the best my idol..
The first song I met, theirs. It's a fantastic band!
Very Nice...
Pity they lost a lot in the sound without Mike ((((((
i like
Way to sound like Toto.
Super skilled technical musicians.
Is this a Christian band?
The sound is like the producer told the sound engineer to load a metal rock*. Preset of 2014 and export it...

Too bad for Dream Theater, the whole artistic direction and production was Portnoy's... And, Mangini is a performer, not an artist.