Dua Lipa - New Love

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Dua Lipa - New Love

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Dua Lipa - New Love you whore i'm gonna kill you
wow tribal music it just makes me feel so good to be black I love how they take out music and they make it their own it's wonderful I'm in heaven. oh let's not talk about how many videos I've seen of now the nutrient is African dance and yes they are doing it to taking all that African dance and they're making it their own Oh What A Wonderful Life we live in everything is just beautiful these people just take and take and take!!!!
Wow!! First song 😊😊😊
https://youtu.be/f-pml7yRPJo follow me please 👍🙂
September 2018?
I can't believe that this is her first song! It is like she is a singer for yeaaars and I love "New love" its one of her best songs! (That's what I believe😁......) There are some three other words I HAVE to say.... : I LOVE HER! 😍
I am an Asian who had lived in Europe for 4 years. Recently, I watched her concert here in Manila. Personally, Dua is the most beautiful European I ever seen. Natural beauty. Effortless talent. Kind hearted. ♥️
She sang it Before her Birthday
In 2015
wow sexy
I feel this song now more than ever
She was live yesterday ( Sep 14 ) in manila only plus there is a meet and greet too but i didnt get one :(
This is one of the dopest songs !
curioust fact: this music video was published one day before her bday!
God Dua Lipa you are so beautiful
Listening to "New Love" and thinking:
Please Dua Lipa, don't stop being Dua Lipa to be just another pop artist !
her best song until now
으헝헝 언니 너무 멋있어요ㅠㅠ