Ed Sheeran - Drunk [Official Video]

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Ed Sheeran - Drunk [Official Video]

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Ed Sheeran - Drunk [Official Video] 100 million
Oh Lord! i believe this is my favourite video.....loved the goddamn cats.
Ed is always awsm but this time its his CAT 😙😘😘
How would you feel? Have you been drinking a lot? And are yoh high?🍺🙄😄😉😎
Raspo a barba
Like-ed’s cat
Comment-Bongo cat
a yone drunk?
what I want is to chill with Ed and his cat watching his old videos and harry potter
Alll be myself.... im just drunk again.
December 2018???
100 million views!!! I just love this song <3 one of my favorite's from Ed
zoophilia is a crime, denounce
this video is so cute. Love the cat
Anyone December 2018??
Как зовут девушку из клипа? О которой он все время думает...
100 million🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉
What else was he on?
I think this is one of his underrated songs like "Don't" and "You need me, I don't need you"