Ed Sheeran - Happier (Official Video)

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Ed Sheeran - Happier (Official Video)

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Ed Sheeran - Happier (Official Video) Ill think I’ll just stick to being single
This is my favorite song. I use to play this song because the girl I liked, that had liked me left. We use to gmail each other a lot and now, it’s just stop, she’s with another guy, man...

I use to sing this song at church and now all my buddies know this song by lyrics. But that was a mistake, it was the girls fault because they saw me alone with my guitar playing and singing to myself. I still get embarrassed, because the songs I love to sing were Ed’s song, romance, the guy who experienced love in kindergarten. The girls thought it was cute, and yes I was a show off on the romance songs to be honest, but I honestly never cared for em, only for the music I played.

Now it’s been 9 months. My mash up of “Happier by Ed sheeran and stay with me” has been a “public” hit. I sing that song everywhere I can now In front of people. Then I tell them This story. but it’s kinda an intro to show this was the first song I ever made a cover that started my music life, as well as what encouraged me to write the songs I write today.
Thanks Ed, for this song.
I don't know much about "Ed Sheeran"..
All I can say is he went through a lot of things in life ! His songs describe his hard journey with life !
Essa música não é muito boa
I thought I had found the love of my life. Her and I dated for a good 2 years. She broke up with me about 4 weeks ago, said she wasn’t interested in me anymore. 3 days after the break up, she decided to get with one of my best friends, and she started spreading false information to my other friends to get them to dislike me. She moved on like it was nothing, while I’ve been an emotional mess these past few weeks. I see her holding his hand, hugging and kissing him the way she did with me, and it physically and mentally destroys me. I just found this song, and it really has been helping me recently. I hope she’s happy without me, because her happiness is the only thing I care about.
I’ll always love you Savannah, no matter what.
Tak późno to zrozumiałam. Zbyt późno 🖤
This man is going to die a Legend
Siapa yg kesini Gara2 Tiara indonesia Idol Besok Nyanyi lagu ini ??
One of my favorite❤❤
Tiara Anugerah perform this song on indonesian idol tommorow (monday,dec, 9 2019).. ayayayayyyyy...
Me when my crush talks 2 another girl
" Everything is reminding of you" hurts me everytime i hear this line.
That’s so cool! Like the puppet Ed Sheeran so cool!..
Where's kermit?
The Muppets has changed a tad since I was a child.
Who is here before 1B?
Director : balloons??
Ed Sheeran:yes🙋
Yeah, I'm so bored
Ich lieb das lid🐢🐶👑