Ed Sheeran - Perfect [Official Lyric Video]

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Ed Sheeran - Perfect [Official Lyric Video]

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Ed Sheeran - Perfect [Official Lyric Video] Aah.. Memories.. Memories... ;-; love this song so much but memories..
4:23 minutes of pure love , romance & proposal😍😍...eddie awesome song
Im 16 and soooo in love. She is actually perfect
Ugh. Guilty pleasure...
I am 13, I want to ask out my crush...but I don't know how to...any suggestions

The innocent lyrics and beautiful music brings me here everyday...
❤ U Ed...
Iove ❤️💕 This. Song💕❤️💕
This song is the best and worst for me I have been crushing on this one girl for years and we went to a dance as friends and this song played and we went tot the floor and slow danced we looked into each other's eyes and I fell even more in love I don't even know how but shes dating this awesome guy so i will remain a friend for awhile and have no clue what to do
Kinda funny how this vid has less views than other peoples lyric video on this song
This is my son's favorite song since he was 2 months old. Whenever I play this song he sleeps after a few.minutes. Now he's 19 months still playing and this time he's humming while listening to this lovely song.
I would like this song plays on my wedding but im ugly oh well
Little just like since
This guy’s voice is so nice to listen to. 😌
Que música linda! Perfect
my girlfriend just broke up with me... I'm fine that's what they all ways say but inside I'm not fine i feel lonely depressed sad she got me through some hard time my friend stole my girlfriend from me and she pick me over him I'm a disappointment to this world that's what my girlfriend said to me when you love someone they leave to soon I wish I was enough for someone I freakin love her but she said that she loved me but she didn't I just want to feel that I'm important to someone I trusted her and she back stab me and goes out with my friend loneliness really mess you up....I'm that person that everyone replace for a while I need someone to talk to.. she acted like she loved me but she didn't deep down I knew she didn't love me but I didn't realize till it was to late it's really difficult when you feel like you don't have anyone I was too scared to talk to her because I didn't want to say anything stupid or dumb to make her mad but I regret not talking to her I can't go to sleep... with out her memory haunting me day by day hour by hour min by min sec by sec nobody notice how hard I hold back my tear everyday that I miss her being with me maybe I was born to be lonley the worst kind of pain is when your smiling to stop the tears from falling I'm.. not ok... nobody can't expect me to be fine when I'm not I don't need thereby I just need a hug why do I feel like I'm not good enough for anyone the hardest part is waking up in The morning remember what you were trying to forget last night I don't like what I'm becoming...she broke my heart badly I gave her my heart and she pretty much crushed it I'm fine ... not really ..the reason why I keep my feeling to my self is because I can't explain them I freakin love her and I wish we can get back to together because with out her I'm just a half of a human and more depressed when I freakin star at her it makes my day she beautiful girl I just need help.. .. please I can't stand what I'm feeling she broke me... I feel like a disappointment to this world because I am.. she ditch me to freakin dat my friend loneliness fuck you up I pretty much cry my self to sleep know that she never loved me in the first place... she told me I was ugly and I belive that thinking about cuting but No that's not the answer I just need someone is there anyone real out there...... sometime silence says alot more than you think... I just hope that we get back to together.. I need help.. I need someone to talk to... especially I need a hug...

Why did she do this to me... what have I done to deserve this why would she pick me over my friend
loneliness fucked me up
I want her back.....
Love this song