Ed Sheeran - Perfect Symphony (with Andrea Bocelli)

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Ed Sheeran - Perfect Symphony (with Andrea Bocelli)

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Ed Sheeran - Perfect Symphony (with Andrea Bocelli) I'm ready to listen more and more. Beautiful song!!!!
great ed sheeran, very very best voice
Perfecta cancion!!..
Ed Sheeran – Perfect Symphony feat. Andrea Bocelli [Live at Wembley Stadium] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qTLOVC_khU
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Ed Sheeran - Perfect Symphony (with Andrea Bocelli) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eiDiKwbGfIY
No words needed♥ you've been able to create a PERFECT melody with two different vocal styles, I'd be pleased to see you together in the future. Good job!
Jenny Marsala :)
Hope the doggie got his share too:-)
Perfectly beautifull !!!
Don't care who knows it. I'm a grown man, staring down 50, about to celebrate 20 years of marriage and 30 years of friendship with my wife, and this song (and Sheeran's original) makes me cry like a baby.
Good👍nice👏 perfect👌
I need to learn Italian so that I can sing this to my wife on my wedding day this fall :)
Wow! Simply beautiful
Любимо изпълнение
Piekna !!!!!!
Toda mi vida descrita en esta canción,
La mas hermosa canción
De las mejores canciones que he escuchado.
Sin duda.
le quedo chila la rola a carlitos rugrats sheeran
Hermoso en verdad, gracias mil. felicitaciones desde MÉXICO