Ed Sheeran - Photograph (Official Music Video)

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Ed Sheeran - Photograph (Official Music Video)

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Ed Sheeran - Photograph (Official Music Video) awwwww
im crying right now, i lost my childhood, i dont have ANY photos of my childhood : (
This made me cry
This make
a beauteful song
OMG er ist soooooo süß 😍😍😍😍
why is this so beautiful yet so painful
Imagine being one of those people walking past him on the street, ignoring him. LOOK AT HIM NOW! Congrats, Ed. :)
54K dislikes???
am i the only one that cant wipe the stupid smile off of my face after watching this video? he was so darn cute! sorry.. still is :)
Anthem of a broken heart
my first slow dance with my current girlfriend ❤️
que fofo
Who else came here after watching "Me before you" ?
Once I have kids im about to take a million pictures of their childhood. I barely have any of me, and it honestly is quite sad knowing that these moments will only be in my memory, and not in a physical copy like a photo.