Editors - A Ton Of Love (Official Video)

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Editors - A Ton Of Love (Official Video)

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Editors - A Ton Of Love (Official Video) Bastante buena
How was hard to find this music....I'm searching for mounths , I'm foregin, and just heard on radio.
That intro is perfect.
What a wonderful voice!!! 😎
I, I'm a one way motorway
I'm the one that drives away...
Heard this song while walking in Venice Italy from a small little shop. Omg it was so awesome that I had to open up my phone to find out who it was ! Super happy time :D
Simply divine!
Very nice!!
sounds like a game that you listen to while you're playing gta san andreas and driving around the city lol, especially the chords that matches perfectly with the desert
Yes, it's like "The Cutter" - just with better lyrics, a better melody, and a singer who can actually sing.
The best music of Echo & The Bunnymen in this last years!
sounds like Pearl jam
Ian Curtis is happy...
I keep hearing schnitzel instead of a chance of?
we're waitiiiing fooor
a chance of
a chance of
Papilon, for example, sounds like Joy Division
My gf was just listening to these guys, and his voice really caught me. Awesome!
Taste like Pearl Jam ;)
The best song ive heard in 20 odd years.
This VOICE! I want to live on this planet ! XD