Ellie Goulding - Still Falling For You

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Ellie Goulding - Still Falling For You

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Ellie Goulding - Still Falling For You Очень круто
А как кино называется
I really don't think any of ellie's album suck. for me, halcyon is her "worst" album only because her voice is so.... grainy on halcyon. the songs are really good, but her voice is much better on delirium or lights. Ellie made the right move going into pop because it strengthened her following in the us. she announced on twitter that her next album is going to be more lyrically inclined like halcyon was, so you can expect great things from EG 4. Bright lights is for sure her best album IMO specifically because her voice is so pretty and the sound of the album works perfectly with her fairy tale lyrics and angelic voice. Songs like Under the Sheets, The Writer, and Human (THE HIGH NOTE ON THE BRIDGE THOUGH!!) are by far my favorite songs off Bright Lights. On Delirium, Lost and Found, Two Years Ago, On My Mind, and Holding on for Life are my favs. And on Halcyon i like The End, Without Your Love, Dead in the Water, and Halcyon the best. I think that while ellie is good with dance beats and pop type songs, the "indie" lights version of her was where ellie had her best potential. If EG 4 was like Human or Lost and Found, i wouldn't complain. What are yalls favorite songs by ellie?
🇧🇷 Great Music!! Ellie, Queen 👑
Yt, She is being groomed by the elite.
ilove you ellie goulding
This is really a very good song..so underrated.The lyrics is very touching. The last about almost 60 seconds of this song really just like my heart suddenly have wings and fly high to the sky
This song 😍
We had this song as our first dance at our wedding wat a song
2017?😍 still in love with this song!
If someone asks the definition of
love then play this song
Shes so sexy it hurts😍😍😍😍😍🤒
Elle Goulding is Delicious.....
how many hit songs could a person have?
Nov 2017 anyone?
And just like that...😍🤤❤️
2017 💛🇦🇷❤