Elliot Minor - Solaris Music Video

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Elliot Minor - Solaris Music Video

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Elliot Minor - Solaris Music Video Love Elliot Minor still watching there videos and listening to their music in 2018 :D
I hope one day we'll have an HD version of one of their videos on youtube
And now I find again this band... I love them so freaking much ;-;
Tonight im watch all of this band video until i forget about this band once more..
5 years old
I miss these guys so much. Please come back to us!
First thing i ever did when i was in England went to a record store and bought the Elliot Minor albums :D
Oh, just seemed like a name .-.
Them* Elliot Minor is a band, not a person.
WHERE HAS THIS BEEN???? Why am I now discovering him?
Love is an understatement to how I feel about them. I adore them!
that is sooooo true I LOVE ELLIOT MINOR loads
The guys need to make a comeback and do a 2012 or 2013 album :D
This cut of the song is still better than the album edit.
I feel like i'm the only guy who likes this band, when i know i'm not
:P Where are you from? :D
i'm not british and they are the best band in my life