Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach - Toledo

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Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach - Toledo

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Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach - Toledo Pure Ear Candy!!!
If you looked up the definition of cool in your Funk & Wagnalls, this is what you'd find.
Wow. He sounds like Scott Weiland.
Nuthin like a Sunday evening with Burt!
Hauntingly good song. I love the melody, the performance, that classic Bacharach sound. I love Elvis’ nuanced singing and expression although it strikes me as limited. Would love to hear Harry Connick or Kurt Ellington do it justice. The only real distraction for me is the Toledo metaphor. I’m sorry, I don’t get it. Totally escapes me. The first four lines sound like a non sequitur to the four that problem.

But do people living in Toledo
Know that their name hasn’t traveled very well?
And does anybody in Ohio
Dream of that Spanish citadel?
But it`s no use saying that I love you
And how that girl really didn't mean a thing to me
For if anyone should look into your eyes
This is so beautiful... the whole album is a piece of art
Listening again.. So appreciate your efforts to make a EC longtime fan girl and Bachrach​ as well.. Great great contribution ! ( Little bit addicted to this)😉
Outstanding vocals on this track. Amazing song.
One big regret I have in life is not going to a Burt Bacharach concert....It just never happened as much as I wanted to go - Still what a musical genius the man is.....Thanks, Burt.
Love this....love Elvis Costello. I think Burt Bacharach is awesome.
The worst part of is that the Live: In Session renditions were MUCH better than the album itself.
I had no idea Elvis Costello had such a great voice. And Burt Bacharach is just amazing!
someone has the lyrics at 4:00?? i can't get it
Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello have transformed life with this music, it is so great,
so warm, so real. Thank You Both,
Paul Shandling, Chicago
Muito bom!!
I have said for years as a singer/songwriter myself in awe of this album, that it could be used to teach a Master Class in writing/arranging/ producing. There isn't a wasted note, a wasted syllable on the whole record.
Damn. That was beautiful.
Bravo! DeClan.Classic B.B. arrangement.Simply lovely.