Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach - Toledo

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Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach - Toledo

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Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach - Toledo I have forgiven you so many times. This one was a deep betrayal and...sometimes I think you believe I'm less intelligent than you, and that's not going to serve you well with me, that belief, because I hate to be treated as though I'm stupid. Tiny misguided "disaster porn" comments are not going to make me feel the way I'd feel if you actually said something antipornography but it's as though you expect me to be content with those crumbs, after everything. That's...shitty. Am I not worth more than that?
Love this....love Elvis Costello. I think Burt Bacharach is awesome.
The worst part of is that the Live: In Session renditions were MUCH better than the album itself.
I had no idea Elvis Costello had such a great voice. And Burt Bacharach is just amazing!
someone has the lyrics at 4:00?? i can't get it
Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello have transformed life with this music, it is so great,
so warm, so real. Thank You Both,
Paul Shandling, Chicago
Muito bom!!
I have said for years as a singer/songwriter myself in awe of this album, that it could be used to teach a Master Class in writing/arranging/ producing. There isn't a wasted note, a wasted syllable on the whole record.
Damn. That was beautiful.
Bravo! DeClan.Classic B.B. arrangement.Simply lovely.
Thank you. I'm in love with this album..especially this song. Huge EC fan.
Please... one more album! Do it one more time! It is one of the best albums EVER!
to the 14 people that gave this a thumbs down, please never go on anything music related again. You clearly have no clue.
I'm from Toledo by far the best song
Thank You!!💗
It doesn't get any better.
What a great, great song.