Eminem - Just Lose It

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Eminem - Just Lose It

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Eminem - Just Lose It The mj shade is so juvenile
So i grew up listening to Michael Jackson and eminem but um this video offends me...ALOT
2018 still dope asf
Hope you had the worse end Eminem!!!!You have no shame,how dare you touch MJ????Shame on you
Nostalgia mano primeira música do Eminem que eu escutei aí virei fã do cara❤️ slk melhor rap
I miss this type of rap fuck this new generation ..don’t judge I’m not an old man I’m 17 years old & I’ll rather listen to old school high hop
Pretty much porn
2:33 lose your self+8mile
People need to just leave Michael Jackson alone!!! Let him Rest In Peace!!!
Eminem, you need to die for this.
What a disgusting, cheap act of using MJs popularity to get popular! Such people are like parasites trying to feed on others who are way bigger than them!
My name is
I love you Eminem! He's amazing..Lo amo a Eminem porque es real y aunque tenga letras crudas no me ofende,no me considero vulgar por escucharlos,mas vulgar seria si soy una sucia petarda y luego me hago la santa,tampoco soy un angelito ni una santa..Las feministas lo odiando pero yo lo amo..
I go to sleep at 9:35
1:57 ya llego la onu papus :v

#hailgrasa :v
OLD but GOLD!!
Disrespectful poor Michael!!!😓😓😓
HAHA..MC HAMMER!!....Nobody can touch Eminem