Eminem - Mockingbird

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Eminem - Mockingbird

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Eminem - Mockingbird I hear it every day
Really heart touching pure rap
Essa letra e muito foda
I'd rather be in a small home where people love me than a mansion alone
I know you miss ur mom and i know you miss your dad
2019 anyone?
Hey you want to hear the funniest joke Eminem haters...
When singers/rappers sang from the heart
Ah i just listened to this song for the 1000000000000000TH TIME!!!
Made me cry 😭
musica foda de +
Ja doso posle chodinog klipa
Eminem is soooo dope he os my favorite rapper
EMINEM-Menime look in albanian is thinking Legend Eminem !
2019 anyone ???????
What a nice rap
Who is the second girl in the video?
Who had black hair?
So deep 💔 It feels like Em wrote it with his blood that why he made us feel what he was going through and started to cry 😢❤