Eminem - Not Afraid

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Eminem - Not Afraid

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Eminem - Not Afraid Eminem is the best of the best
November 2017 ?
I remember when my friend introduced me to Eminem when I was 11 this was the song he showed me I've been a fan ever since
Publicada el 2010 ya estamos en 2017 y la sigo escuchando :v

PD: November 2017?
i can rap this any day of the week
Little girl at La voix junior Sydney Lallier she's so good. She sang Lose yourself
The bestest
Eminem is the best raped btw I'm braking out of this cage
7 years and 1BILLION views later and I'm back watching this video❤❤
Wow 1B views
Are you afraid?
I love this song i watched this like 1000 times already
I grew up listen to Eminem's music and he always has a good song and his music speaks to me and his songs are always about true shit and his music got me through some hard times in my life and this song here really speaks to me because i am a Drug Addict in Recovery myself
Eminem looks like jake of resident evil 6 kkkkkk
Cadê os BR
Em 2017 algum br?
WHO HERE BEFORE 2018 !!???????
Not Afraid - 1B views
Despacito - 4,5B views