Eminem - Not Afraid

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Eminem - Not Afraid

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Eminem - Not Afraid qui est fr
The 🐐
A love that song!(hip hop)
Ебаный миллиард просмотров. Ну он заслужил, добавить нечего.
I never knew he had this many subscribers 23M wow
One of his best pieces
wow vre nice
150k+ people were afraid to go on with life and took that step forward straight to hell.
Me gustas esta cancion
Dislikes are from justin bieber fans
How come this has more views than rap god?
who is here today? lol
One billion
Тынг зары
Мощный репер
2% superman copy
98% rapping that motivates the fuck out of you!
he can sing
! !
Sptember 2017?