Eminem - Sing For The Moment

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Eminem - Sing For The Moment

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Eminem - Sing For The Moment Dream on 😍
anybody in 2020?
Any one 2019?
Eminem is god
March 19, 2019 i was here...
All you kids ever heard of Aerosmith 😉 ?
He knows that Rap stands for RYTHM AND PATTERN. I honestly hate rap now, it’s all bullshit, no meaning, every time one of my friends takes out a headphone and I can hear the music, I’m like, is everyone listening to the same song or are they all the same? I don’t listen to much rap, Eminem, DMX and a this other band I can’t remember at the moment and all three of them are the oldest and the best.
Eminem, the best !
Eminem is exactly what hip hop needed. He came at the right time, with the right lines and is still one of the most relevant rappers of today. But he changed the whole landscape of rap music and put a choke hold on it. He will go down as the baddest MC to ever touch a hot mic, when it's all over.
There's a 38% chance of him making another song every like the more it'll go up to 100% (hopefully he sees this ;-;)
18 3 2019
no mobile phone just hands amazing life
Top4 rappers
1.Marshall Mathers
2 B rabbit
3. Eminem.
4.slim shady
Awesome guitar solo
wait who stole who dream on or sing for the moment
Dream On!!!!
Skip the censored videos!
I wonder how many viewers weren't even born when this album hit the market back in '02. I was 18 back then and Mr. Mathers will always be part of my teenage memories.
Anyone 2009 ?