Eminem - Walk On Water (Official Video)

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Eminem - Walk On Water (Official Video)

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Eminem - Walk On Water (Official Video) On RAP GOD song he was walking on river..is it continued to Walk On Water????
Also Stan word was mentioned in same way..
He is mastermind..❤️😭🤯🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
Correct me if I’m wrong
Em' is the true legend.

Eminem Is The God of hip hop
Good song
people may have hated this album and this song when it first came out but i believe years from now this will go down as one of his best albums and one of his best songs, the meaning is insanely deep
Do Eminem and PewDiePie are same PERSON??🤔
He really deserves more view... 👍👍👍
Keep It Old cuz Old Is Gold
Eminem do know what
The new school rap is like a ridiculous challenge and each new school rapper he want to show the people who is more ridiculous than everyone
Anybody who doesn't appreciate this song doesn't have a heart.This is one of the most emotional songs ever written
Why The HATE?

Just imagine how stupid an average person is.
4:00 legit got chills
Fuck thé haters
Every line has its own story 💓💓😢😢
How is this bad? Every song by Marshall himself is sad and has facts. Ya’ll listen to retarded Lil Pump and shit but never about the real shit by these rappers who have always been on our side even at the worst times.
DEAR EM- I know that I, and what I have to say don't mean a thing to you. I might as well be lesser than a wod of gum under your foot. That being said, maybe somehow, someway, along with other millions of people, with the hope that somehow their message to you will make it up the rabbit hole and into your eyes for you to see, someday you will see this. For the last 20 years I have been too busy raising two children as a single parent and even though I heard of you, I laughed it off because working 3 jobs to raise the 2 most precious things in my life took all of my time. No time to date, no time to do anything but be a good mom. Now my children are grown and I took the time to notice you. To respect this 'white rapper' who my son loved and my daughter was indifferent to. Now I pay attention. Even though I know for a fact that you do not need my approval, I am giving it to you anyway. You are a very, very, talented person. You write with a sense of who you are, as you come through the music and someone like me, after listening to this "Hold On" or "Walk on Water", wants to say is that. . . "it's okay, it's okay, fuck everybody, fuck the world, fuck anyone who judges you" this is what I know, and what you don't need to hear. Someone like me is still compelled to tell you, that you are right. You choose when you write your last work, your last precious statement to the world. There are people millions, you would not believe, all in different walks of life, who actually want you to know that you are pretty freaking awesome. You reach people, Marshall, you touch people in ways that no one else can. You do not have to worry about the responsibility or repercussions of your music. You are genuine, and I want to thank you for your work. At 59 years old as I reflect over my life (a very spiritual life) and I strangely feel sad for you. Ridiculous? Yes. Necessary? NO. But I wanted to write it down in the little comments section before going to bed tonight so that it is now out in the void. Good night Marshall/EMINEM.
Call it traps 'cause it's a total setup
Hopin' that you rappers fall in that