Eminem - Walk On Water (Official Video)

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Eminem - Walk On Water (Official Video)

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Eminem - Walk On Water (Official Video) Respect
why everyone says this album is shit ? He wasn't SLIM SHADY OR EMINEM he was Marshall Bruce Matters III . He's showing his real side not slim or em that people made . he wanted to be himself
lit tune.
I'm glad people are coming back to revisit his music from Revival. That album was NOT trash. He poured his heart & soul into it & reached out to his fans for OUR support for once to get HIM through a difficult time (listen to Believe; he couldn't be any clearer) & so much of his fan base turned their backs on him. That had to hurt.
True: it's not an album you can bump to all the way through but his lyricism is off the fucking chart, even when you thought he couldn't possibly spit more complex bars. And the raw emotion in it gives you goosebumps. I'm hoping more people will go back & really LISTEN. It was & is a brilliant album; yet again another Em album that got me through a rough patch.

That's why it's so shitty his fans weren't willing to help him through his. ('Believe': go listen).
This album was dope af
em. love
This is lyrics not random words repeated 100 times
This really got to me
Poor your heart out to me Marshall anytime, my dear friend! NianLTyson@gmail.com
I'll be your true friend, and woman anytime you ask! Love,support and respect to the fullest to you and what you do!!!
This loser/cuck actually had the gall to put our flag on his album. Fuck this sellout.
Walk on water gate
Holy Hell I Love This Song.

Update: When he said Stan at the end. I went Wow cause. This Song Reminded me Exactly about Stan. & I love songs like Stan.
His lyrics matures every minute you listen to them, I see the greatest rapper of all times next to Pac.
Am I the only one who actually liked this song
Shame on everyone who hated on Revival. It was the realest album, not by Eminem, not by Slim Shady, but by Marshal Mathers
3:16 R.I.P Proof
The thumbnail changed. GOOD. I like this new one better.