Erasure - Run to the Sun (Official Video)

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Erasure - Run to the Sun (Official Video)

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Erasure - Run to the Sun (Official Video) ERASURE é a perfeição da música eletrônica eletrônica ,ERASURE é a melhor banda de música eletrônica do planeta, ANSIOSO para saber qual será o disco e onde será o show para comemorar os 35 ANOS de história e sucesso do ERASURE
I'm here after watching the BreakDance video of Vin Diesel lol
I think the song entry into the music charts in the United Kingdom charts at no 9 dropped down to no 15 next week.
It's megalodong
How nice of Erasure to play the video in Berlin at that time, near Alexander Platz, now is almost all changed!
необычный клип,Энди красавец,супер!!!
Very nineties, indeed!
Джейсон Стэтхэм!!!
Too gay for this sad world
So, Jason..what previous experience do you have that qualifies you to wear silver spank suit for a superhero movie?..
err....uhmm.. er..
At least he wasn't a rent boy.
And This is How Silver Surfer Came Out The Closet
Perfect! Greetings from Croatia...
Oh hey, they filmed it in my city :D When Berlin was still a nice place.
This 1994 video actually has received 1.994 likes by now. ^^
lol If you came here for Jason Statham, did you also check out his dancing in the Shamen video Comin' on?
Anyone here for the original duck face?
This sucks