Erasure - Run to the Sun (Official Video)

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Erasure - Run to the Sun (Official Video)

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Erasure - Run to the Sun (Official Video) Its madness but its the truth if ur a devil so am i
Adoro muito estes caras .
Naked silver Jason Statham
Andy Bell be like 3========D------
kim siker jason'ı andy bell var orda
in english : who the fuck is jason ? there's andy bell over there...
Only reason I'm checking out the song is jor Jason Statham
Erasure,love You guys,so versatile And original you are.Andy,you're the King!!
statham was a huge fan of electronic music back in the day it seems
Amazing song....... Icon for gay But really nice and immortal
when u are handsome
asJason is u can be in any video u want, but, if you are very handsome and u have a fantastic voice as Andy does...u can do whatever u want !!
Stathem just needed money
Shows Jason statham can just bloody do it all. The diving too! Talented man.
Is Mr. Bell a nice person?
long live DDR
Good music!
i'm here for see statham, hahahaha
Y'all came because you are from a fractured home.
Anyone here for Jason Statham?
Jason Statham pay for gay!