Erasure - Run to the Sun (Official Video)

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Erasure - Run to the Sun (Official Video)

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Erasure - Run to the Sun (Official Video) That guy doing back flips is/ looks like Jason Statham lmao!!
Stathe got the balance. Good tune
Jason Statham looks just like surfer silver from the Fantastic 4 movie
Diver and "dancer", no wonder how he has a nice fighting style.
I wonder if Andy Bell had a crush on him...
Like all People seeking to be big in the Entertainment industry ,you have to start somewhere , even if it's just a Bit part in a Music video in a James Bond Type Gold Paint Job 🤑 " & HE DID A VERY SIMILAR JOB IN " THE SHAMEN - COMIN ON STRONG " 😱
Yes Jason stathman.....
Nice Silver hot pants - I wonder if he'll wear a pair in The Meg?
A shiny Jason Statham appears! xD

Okay, seriously: This song and even more the video reminds me of my first summer holidays I spent in Berlin in 1994. Four years after the German reunification you could still see a lot of construction sites in former East Berlin, especially at Alexanderplatz in Berlin-Mitte, where this video was shot. A few weeks ago I was there a second time and the area has changed a lot since then.
Jason Statham 😊❤👍
Why no Vince in this video x.
So is no one going to talk about Andy Bell? :(
Jason is gay. Just kidding he got wife
Mas você queria ser ele só que você não pode sabe porque pois você não é nada e nunca será pensando desse jeito quem é você para falar deles tenho do de você.
Jason statham crap actor Andy bell great singer end of
Its madness but its the truth if ur a devil so am i
Adoro muito estes caras .
Naked silver Jason Statham
Andy Bell be like 3========D------
kim siker jason'ı andy bell var orda
in english : who the fuck is jason ? there's andy bell over there...
Only reason I'm checking out the song is jor Jason Statham