Erasure - Run to the Sun (Official Video)

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Erasure - Run to the Sun (Official Video)

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Erasure - Run to the Sun (Official Video) omg jason statham again haha thats so awesome
Stathem just needed money
Shows Jason statham can just bloody do it all. The diving too! Talented man.
Is Mr. Bell a nice person?
long live DDR
Good music!
i'm here for see statham, hahahaha
Y'all came because you are from a fractured home.
Anyone here for Jason Statham?
Jason Statham pay for gay!
Deckard Shaw has certainly come a long ways
I only came to watch this because I wanted to see shinny Jason. lol!!!! I love him. What the fuck was he thinking?!
I dont even know statham was with erasure before
Remember the 1994
Jason Statham
JS is also in a Shamen vid ;-)
3:18 I lost it at Jason Statham XD
Those bills weren't going to pay themselves, eh, Statham?