Erasure - Run to the Sun (Official Video)

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Erasure - Run to the Sun (Official Video)

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Erasure - Run to the Sun (Official Video) Perfect! Greetings from Croatia...
Oh hey, they filmed it in my city :D When Berlin was still a nice place.
This 1994 video actually has received 1.994 likes by now. ^^
lol If you came here for Jason Statham, did you also check out his dancing in the Shamen video Comin' on?
Anyone here for the original duck face?
This sucks
Statham - 900,000 views, Erasure - 50k views
Gay level over 9000!!!
I know that people might find that difficult to believe at first , but that video clip, it might be a bit on the gay side
I really admire Jason's dedication to wearing boots with his underwear.
Wow my hometown and jason statham in one musicvideo. Never was expecting that
Die Weltzeituhr in Berlin :)
y por esto Statham ha aceptado hacer MEGALODÓN.. ya ha hecho cosas peores... por diosss...
That guy doing back flips is/ looks like Jason Statham lmao!!
Stathe got the balance. Good tune
Jason Statham looks just like surfer silver from the Fantastic 4 movie
Diver and "dancer", no wonder how he has a nice fighting style.
I wonder if Andy Bell had a crush on him...
Like all People seeking to be big in the Entertainment industry ,you have to start somewhere , even if it's just a Bit part in a Music video in a James Bond Type Gold Paint Job 🤑 " & HE DID A VERY SIMILAR JOB IN " THE SHAMEN - COMIN ON STRONG " 😱
Yes Jason stathman.....
Nice Silver hot pants - I wonder if he'll wear a pair in The Meg?