Fallen Kingdom: The Complete Minecraft Music Video Series

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Fallen Kingdom: The Complete Minecraft Music Video Series

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Fallen Kingdom: The Complete Minecraft Music Video Series I love this
True sadness
Lol I'm saying that just in case if I forget in 2019
Who is in 2019 listening to this
Holy shit there's a fourth one
this is where men cried
I miss these songs sooo much
He has a good voice i have to admit
This is emotional to me because I played Minecraft back when everyone made Minecraft gameplays what happened I’m.... sad
When i watch "fallen kingdom" nostalgia hits me harder than a reinforced ice cream truck
These were some of the first songs I really loved as a kid
Still brings tears to my eyes. Good memories, back in the Minecraft days. Now it’s all fortnite, but for me Minecraft lives on. It was more than a game. It was a life. These animations I’ve been listening to almost everyday for the past 4 years. Thanks, Jordan. You’ve made my life better than I could ever ask. Long live Minecraft. Long live Fallen Kingdom
I've been watching these music since I was 5 thank you so much
crying simulator
Ahhhhh I loved this song
I feel like Microsoft is just feeding off of Minecraft’s previous fame and fan base and gaining money until there is no more money to be gained
Don’t get me wrong Minecraft is still good but now with the currency system, the fairly toxic community, the slow updates,
and not many good content creators who regardless of these downsides and fame, are still making good and productive content
This is so sad. Alexa, play despacito.