Fatboy Slim - The Joker

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Fatboy Slim - The Joker

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Fatboy Slim - The Joker omg animol crulty omg humans must die
20019!!!! Amazing Song
The happiest "music video clip", I've ever seen. No tuning cars, gold necklaces or twerking whores.

Oh, 2004...
song ruined for life by an Ex...I hate when that happens
The dislikes are from dogs
January, 2005.
I looove it. Caaaaats ♡♡♡♡♡
I remember the days when me, sister and dad watched this video clip together which is his favorite video clip as he was a cat lover. I miss you so much dad. RIP 😔
Ha ha ha very lol
I found this while i was watchin That 70's show :)
Best cat vid of all time. Final.
El mejor video clip del mundo!!
Ah, the nostalgia!!
cute video too :)
Carino il gattino!!😍😍
"The cat is spinning right round baby right round , like a record baby right round round round "_🎶🎶🎶
I remember watching this video when it had 100k views. That was 12 years ago and my 1st video i watched on youtube. GOD DAMN. I'm getting old lol
zero cats were actually hit by cars during the making of this video...
I kid you not. My parents showed this to me when i was 7 and SINCE THAN i've been trying to find this cause its just too damn cute >,<
so cute!