Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side Of Heaven

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Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side Of Heaven

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Five Finger Death Punch - Wrong Side Of Heaven Told CIA to send you support.
Mates are mates.
I helped to take a couple of vets of the streets in the very short time i was in canberra. But, the fed police had a much better approach.
I am just an annoying bitch.
He said to me, what do you do. My reply: "whatever i like".
Raises hand
“Yeah. Divorced..”
A symptom and a outcome of that war....
miss my wife....
"Look at me!, you saved my life brother"...
There is no bro than soldier-bro. We are one after years, no matter which country you we fighting for.
But let's help the ones .
Coming from somewhere else first!!!(+_+
Stay strong Uncle Richard 💪
Stay stron
War doesn’t decide who’s right. Only who’s left
i hope more people wake up before we bring too much pain for this world to handle
I always have goosebumps over this video....i am so sorry,i am so sorry,this is just so wrong ...
Да и то что вы потеряли там, это вы потеряи минимум и над вами не издвевались как над нашими людьми, головы отрезали вам мало, русские умеют атаковать лучше чем другие и они больше уважают нас горные народ чем вас. А еслиб он сделал б это про нашу Чечню в 1999 году, то ваш клип был просто деским произведением, у нас там головы отрезали и мы теряли целые дивизии и роты и мы воевали более 3 ёх лет войны почти 5-8 лет вы столько не сможэите, я бы с вами начал б войну и вам так же овтетит многих русских. но песня музыка и песня хрошая это правда. Но то что миы прошли вы ещё ни разу не прошли и ваша страна и у вас нет столько битв за плечами сколько этих битв за нашими плечами.
Ukrainian veteran. I served one year in russian-Ukrainian war. I defended my land from russian aggressions.
Doubt it changes much
But if anyone wants to talk
I am here !!!
Comment section show love !!!!!
Ready for the truth......
We veterans serve what we think is a grateful country with supportive citizens. When we come home, we are scowled at and deemed unstable/unfit, potentially dangerous, and a risk to others. We are judged for our sacrifices. A sacrifice the average citizen would refuse and never take. We have been taken for granted and pushed to the side.
If you want proof, go to the VA and ask the older vets what they were exposed to. Agent Orange! The same agent that caused my dads cancer and took his life. Thank you America for fucking us because of your feelings.
Вы марионетки в чужих руках, вы думаете все в вашей голове, но вот момент расставания и ты никто!!!
The soldiers volunteered just like everyone for any job I. This country. Makes menfucking sick that people are going to place there political views against their own clan. Those are living and breathing humans. America forever baby🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Only thing worse than ungrateful citizens are ungrateful significant others not handling business at home and "getting lonely" finding their kicks while our vets are fighting.
2020 anyone?
Victims of oil&gun industries :(