Fnaf Sister Location Song (Left Behind)-DAGAMES

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Fnaf Sister Location Song (Left Behind)-DAGAMES

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Fnaf Sister Location Song (Left Behind)-DAGAMES foxy 88 I love it to:3
I'd like it if it was a bit
Would it be um....weird if I said I was deathly terrified of bon bon but not Withered Freddy? BUT now when anyone of them pull a jumpscare (besides Baby,Bonnie,Toy Bonnie, Goldie, Bidybab or Toy Freddy..... The second one. Well the Boy..... THE ONE FROM SISTER LOCATION!!!!!) Now I just yell NOPE NOPE NOPITY NOPE NOT TODAY or NOOE NOT HAPPENIN CAPTIN!!!! WHEEEEEZE!!!!
Best characters in the begining
Me encanta
ésta canción ésta perrrrrrrrrronsisimo☺☺😈
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(>🍪 my cookie >:(
l like baby's vouice but funrime foxy is my faveret
I like Baby
I like Funtime foxy I can't believe the last comment because I like all of them
This is stolen!! The first animation is from phanty
Hola Five Nights at Freddy's Quisiera saber dónde vives me encanta su programación sobretodo chica y está cómo se llama y sobre todo foxy la bailarina de ballet y la payasita Los quiero mucho a Dios sobre todas foxy por
Mr.Afton made them evil.
¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡DAGAMES OMG!!!!!!
I like Baby
The balora is very beautyful
everything is awesome