Focus - Ariana Grande (Lyric Video)

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Focus - Ariana Grande (Lyric Video)

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Focus - Ariana Grande (Lyric Video) かわいい😍
this lyric video is sooo goood!
Sam & Cat
와목소리개섹시해 완전좋아ㅜㅜㅜ
First song ari swore
i must apologize to my ears now that i"m 14 days late :'(
Lyrics for Arianators:

and if you dont like my Ari
then i dont know what is

lets watch her Videos and see her Beauty

before you came to see this fucking cutie

you cant tell her what she needs to do
because she is my everlasting boo

one two three come on gurl

yah know i like i when you say to her love

focus on her


fff focus on her

fff focus on her

lets go to her channel and watch her videos
she is so full of knidness that i said it at all

you cant tell her what she needed to do
cause she is my everlasting love!!
good good good
It's finally available in my country
Njss sjajszuqsjsbx beautiful girl
Who still watches her videos in 2017
Hi Ari <3
This video is not available
sho looks like this girl
Weave is in mars,scalp is bleeding