Forevermore - Side A w/ lyrics

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Forevermore - Side A w/ lyrics

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I love you Princethom
If you can't love forevermore, then you have not loved at all. True love knows no boundaries whether in time, places or events. You may not be with that person anymore but the feeling is still there somewhere inside you. Even just in a dream when you are with that special person and reliving the beautiful memories together, that already feels like an eternity of happiness.
It might be you my forevermore , my love ! My simba !
Relate ako sa song nato,,
Totoo tlgng my forever ☺☺☺
This song reminds me of Noah Reigan Elizalde 😍💕💯
I just came here to listen to the song but I see these stupid comments involving God. Is nothing sacred to you people? People come here to be entertained, you religous nuts!
😘 ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
My love for you will be forevermore! 💑💑💑💑💑 RichmondAcuesta! 💏
Richmond Acuesta! 💑💕
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Subranga saya ku cguro kpag kinantahan ako ng taong mahal kuo kaso wla we :(
Jag tror att Elias älskar den här låten. 💗❤️ Jag känner precis som han. Hans låtar är spegl av mina känslor. Om han bara kunde se det. Vi är ju en och samma person. Delar ju samma Dna
Sarap ulit ulitin
I am so grateful that there were times that I was listening to this song together with my love one <3 ^_^
I love you Timothy!
everything happens for a reason . . .
Commercial ng clorox ang dala sakin dito
I found it already