Frans - If I Were Sorry

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Frans - If I Were Sorry

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Frans - If I Were Sorry ffs i miss her
Who's cried?
I love this song...<3
acha am devil in the sky-fajnie😇😈
schöner Song♥
He would be a good prince charming in a Disney movie, and this is coming from a guy.
I go to Zakopane in the TV I only knew this
Very nice Song. Tür guy is very sweet. wish I have got someone like him.
Big compliment 😘
music starts at 0:35 😊
he can sing and hes hot

win win sicuation

best song ever 😍😍❤
Gdzie polacy? 🇵🇱🇵🇱
Weniger Aufrufe als Bibi echt nicht fair 😑
Polska przejmuje tą nutę👈💪
Bäst är han
voll geil ich frag mich warum der nicht letztes jahr bei eurovision gewonnen hat weil dieses jahr hat ja auch kein besserer gewonnen