Frans - If I Were Sorry

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Frans - If I Were Sorry

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Frans - If I Were Sorry Please make a new song I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR VOICE❤❤
Polska 2018?!
Hi, from Czech republic. I love it :-*
kto z polski niech da suba
Who's Da Man
whoo 2018.. can't believe I've been coming back to this video for over 2years now...
she looks terrible
Pretty song!
24/7 ❤❤❤
2018 und Deutsch?
he is so hot gosh
best Song ever😍😍😍
Im still listening this song every day
If Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks had a baby, Frans is what he would look like.
I still listen to this song every now and then :) I still like it very much
byłoby ok gdyby w wakacje nie leciała w radiu co 2 piosenkę
I Love this Song!!!
It remembers me to my Ex...
Beggining of the song Autotune Off - In the song Autotune ON :DDDD