Garbage - The World Is Not Enough (Official Video)

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Garbage - The World Is Not Enough (Official Video)

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Garbage - The World Is Not Enough (Official Video) It's 2017, but they're still rockin my world...
This is so different from usual Garbage songs.
Great Song to Start World War III
I like how the Oligarchs die in the end...
This vid is better than the whole movie.
Qu'est-ce que cette dégueulasserie :D
Cette musique est magnifique (comme cette femme à son état de non robot)
The lead singer looks like Mexican actress, Edith Gonzalez. Google her on google images. She is very pretty.
Shame about the dated showy opening. The rest still plays well 7 years on.
She changed after St. Michael was done with her training. She hardened. The other archangels hated St. Michael. He said, You are going to ruin her. I know what she is. The others thought he was a SOB. But, he said, she has to know this is the world she belongs to. Nobody leaves. Not even in the afterlife.
Bir ömür yetmez ki..
She's such a bombshell
my theme song...
Lucky actor got to kiss Shirley Manson. I hope he asked for multiple takes.
im obsessed with this vid and song :D
Simply the best ❤
Powerful JRE
Shirley Manson was so hot! Gorgeous redhead
YES How could forgot this song this band
thhe best theme ever