George Michael - Fast Love

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George Michael - Fast Love

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George Michael - Fast Love class.timeless.legend. Happy Birthday wherever you are. Still unbeatable.
the first time i heard this song, i was 14 years old. the first time i kind of understood this song, i was 16-17....never been able to build a long term relationship eversince! THNX GEORGE XD
The Best!!!!!
Me encanta
George da qui all eternità
It gives me the shivers, Excellent!!
Fony ...goood ! :D I read the story behind it .. I like it :D
er wird uns mir fehlen.schade
His best song. Period.
this song is so timeless.....
Just watch this.. Without the music.
dal 10 al 300... e allora non ho capito un gazzo!
gotta get up to get down✌
J maékel tu restera toujours grave dans mon cœur :-)💋bey mey frend 💋 😘❤🐬😇😇😇💔💔💔💔💔💔💔 maim que t'es plus la je je pance à toi j'ai 6 ans plus que toi je pense tas du soufrire comme moi 😇 désolé de te dire sa 💕 en se vaira au paradis 😎💔 Dominique de France ❣🕳
We miss u George
rip beautiful person miss u
nice song music ultimate
Stupendo George.
É impossibile che tu non ci sia più.
Non smetterò mai di amarti. Mai!
In attesa di poterti rivedere George
One of his best songs!!!