George Michael - Outside (Official Video)

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George Michael - Outside (Official Video)

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George Michael - Outside (Official Video) 00:52 what is the name of this funky instrument?
just keep on funking...
даже через кучу времени для меня этот видос это слишком пошло но при другом видосе те же слова могли выглядеть как чувствительная комедия
Fantástico George Michael!!!!! Soube explorar com inteligência seu incidente no banheiro americano. Somente os grandes talentos possuem essa perspicácia!!!!! Descanse em paz menino bonito.
Help! I'm a gay man trapped inside a straight white womans body
Hahaha great intro - you wore awesome <3
fuck USA
George Micheal dancing in that police uniform = pure sex on legs
Jesus Saves all of us, real funny :>/
Can't believe nobody did this on X Factor
2:53 he forget the steps and smile...that was george!!
I love them miss
Great way to write a song and thumb your nose at whomever set him up in the boys room
He was fifty three
Love the urinals spinning round. X
He looks hot in uniform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
India... 333...💞💞💞
So THAT'S why I was ordered to change the channel whenever this came on. Kinda makes sense now😑