George Michael - Outside (Official Video)

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George Michael - Outside (Official Video)

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George Michael - Outside (Official Video) PRICELES, so Funky... What a come back from the media trash! Each to their own no judgement especially to a absolute legend... My heart ♥ will forever be heavy but blessed with this beautiful man for all his songs N voice that was more than just a gift so flawless even Whitney can't sing this man off but a beautiful duet... Legend
lol this is amazing
My grand mother used to be shamed that she loved this song. R.I.P. Grand Ma.
I love this so much....too bad that they don't know how to have great
Such talent and bravery.Too good.Put your toungue out to all the bigots in this sad world.
@3.15 The dude in the blue suit is actually the villain in Lazytown
Grazie dio che ci hai regalato una persona come lui
Rreally miss him and knowing i will never be able to hear more new floor topers as well love balleds breaks my heart even more so now if I am listening to hes cds or watching hes music dvds I cherrish them more even more but mostly it was hes heart amd not one selfish bone in hes body and he was the sort of person I belive he would give amyone the shirt of hes back or hes last penny. He was donating to charity even haveing privert conserts to raise even more money to charities that needed it and he never gained anything towards hes own bank account. I was 14 when I heard careless whisper for the very 1st that was it I was hooked on him. My mum brought careless whisper on single LP and every time I could I would be listening to it when I was at school I was so badly bullied at times it go so bad and then I started to get bullied at home buy my step sister at at times I think I had suicidel thoughts but I would close myself into my bedroom and play hes tape albums and for short while I forgot about my day off being bullied so in my own way hes music saved my life. Then 5 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and had a very hard and invasive treatment and then once again everyday I would close myself off from everone and listen to either hes cds or watch hes music dvds. I had heard so many times he was the 80s up to hes passing he was version of elvis and in my book if anyone told me hes a version of elvis I would tell them to f of and how could anyone compare him tk elvis and its an insult to george as a person and hes music. ( I hope I aint affending fans off elivis its not my attention its what I think and feel). Within the 1st year anniversary of hes death he was and will always be my hero and my legand. R.I.P to the most beautiul man hes a true english legand ♡♥♡♥♡
when I tried to search George Michael the first thing I saw was "George Michael gayest song"
This is the pure and true satire of the famous police of the United States, told in a masterly way in this video by the unforgettable and impressive George Michael! 👌🏻💯😉📱🎧🎶🎶🎶🥃
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My favourite part are the two body builders
Why not?
Love all of your posts, keep finding myself coming back. Only problem is I should be spending that time working on my own songs! I wish you much continued success!
this is the best FUCK YOU, the boy has style.
I'm more straight than not and don't normally even like this type of music but I love this video. I think because it's such a light hearted and clever fuck you to those in society who trys to control other people's sexuality.
4:07 god I wish that were me
What is the name of the busty blonde?