George Michael - Outside (Official Video)

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George Michael - Outside (Official Video)

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George Michael - Outside (Official Video) Don't you love how the screen is covered with adverts for the next video before you even get to see the nice ending. All it is about on here any more is 💵.
Let's go outside just for George
Некоторые видео GM закрыты я хотел сказать правообладателям вы просто тупое быдло
Jesus Saves All Of Us. All. ❤️
The best "fuck you" to Hollywood never done... Rip
Love it!!
Temazo¡¡me encanta!!
wicked song
what a faggotry
So sexy i miss you
Oh, people believed like that arrest was likely for nothing but most of them never wanted to see the truth that after each George's arrest there was smth really wrong behind in real life normaly of mine first of all.
I see so much people are so much happy here despite Mr Rodriguez is a REAL man who truly tried to help me some way to save my pregnant sister from that knife attack at the time as actually not let that asshole to put me completely down as Real Life Victory, that he loved so much to do.
This is Wet Wet Wet song smth about that kind of idea too despite not the same
Despite video seems to be a kind of peacefull pact for beloved person but in fact George is really just too much cynical here taking into account a knife attack happened to my pregnant sister end of October 1998 means exactly that year he was arrested for a lewd act in Los-Angeles toilet. As they say in russian prison you're place is near that hole. But actually that toilet turning to a disco is a reference to unreleased song titled "Disco" telling about love story between much older guy and underage girl means me.
As actually that exactly Swedish movie at the very begining is about my Ukrainian origins regarding we historically had a monarchy came from Scandinavia. (despite someone was telling that language is Norvegian but I'm not sure about)
2.378 people who disliked this were not outside.

They were inside.
rip well done