George Michael - Outside

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George Michael - Outside

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George Michael - Outside Why the hell did you leave us  so soon?  I will miss your genius, your sass, your velvet voice.  I would say rest in peace but that's just not your style!!
i like his sens of humour...:)
3:16 I didn't know Robbie Rotten was in this music video.
I thought this was genius to come out with this song after he was caught in the men's room and outed with his arrest. Damn good song.
Savage way to deal with a scandal involving even the police
this track is genius knowing the circumstances, in your face officer
i love you george michael.
God bless George Michael
finishinga ideo with 2 hot cops kissing each other and the put "JESUS saves "(all of us).....that s AWSOME and very cleaver . :-)
Oh a polícia!
oh irony that george did in this video .... legend
Does anyone know who the lady at 4:09 is?
era muy atractivo lastima que era gay
I love this guy !!!!!
Georgie boy I miss ya dude sionara hope you doing well up there rest in peace xoxo
human being= there is nothing more here than flesh and bone
Boa musica
You were the greatest George R.I.P