Gladiator Theme • Now We Are Free • Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard

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Gladiator Theme • Now We Are Free • Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard

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Gladiator Theme • Now We Are Free • Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard one of the best movies with the music of the best musician.
This is so beautiful
Best movie
"What we do in life, echoes in eternity." Powerful words. Cant help feeling down because I had achieved nothing in life.
Awesome movie!
Esta cancion es de Mu Online :v
My best movie of all times
If you look at it from a different perspective Maximus is actually a traitor that did not kneel to the new emperor so I guess he deserved being punished for his rebellion.
(I don't really remember if he knew that Aurelius was killed by his son, correct me if I am wrong.)
This song will forever remain as my most favourite western movie music ! Immense respect for Hans Zimmer & his team.
there operates in OTTUMWA IOWA a brutal negligent soulless pet doc vet that committed an unspeakable atrocity against my companion pet and myself,,,,,,,i know exactly how maximus feels, this tale is for all those who know unrelenting sorrow and pain,,,,,to have lost someone or a beloved companion pet that they loved more than anything,,,,,,,to senseless tragedy.
la musique pour mon père je aime
Music, amazing! Concept, amazing! Epic and amazing! I highly recommend viewing before any competition or carpe diem situation.
Dedico esta canción a alguien que ya no esta el cual lucho como un gladiador contra el maldito cáncer por ti va
The only movie I cry to
magnifique !!!
Are you not entertained!!!
Die, but win
Maximus is like Poland.
We free from the begining our nation. POLAND always will be free:) If you dont like this - its your problem:) LOVE people, LOVE world and TRULY BE FREE!!!!
And I love you with all my heart, My Precious Beloved Love.