Glosses by Kylie Jenner

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Glosses by Kylie Jenner

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Glosses by Kylie Jenner Such a bad girl, go donate some money for poor people not to do this shit 😐
hahaha people without talent!!
awesommmeee love this song. and kylie too<3
hahahaha they beat the shit of these man to buy lipglosses ???
Wtf does kylie know about gangs drugs and guns like wtf and compare it to lip gloss ummmmn affended i think so
So this is why she became a billionaire.
Still was Lisa singing lol y think it was k
they look like Bratz dolls
I‘m still hearing the Name stormi in the Song in kylies car
Like those men couldn't just kick them bitchs over with their heels LMAO
Soooo whats the point of the video...
I love this 😍😍
I knew hat was Karin I just wasn’t sure
That throwing of money into the air at the end symbolizes the money you will waste on Kylie Lip Kits
Yassss girl
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