Gorillaz - Stylo (Official Video)

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Gorillaz - Stylo (Official Video)

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Gorillaz - Stylo (Official Video) J U I C E
The way Cyborg Noodle looks at 2D at 2:16 is amazing, I can't quite describe it
that's one fast ass jellyfish
Wtf Bruce Willis Haha
2-D in 3D omgat
Murdock quickly rolling up his window to block a bullet has been my favorite thing for nine years.
Diciembre 2018 y la sigue rompiendo
1969 SS Camaro 🤤
Qué. Chida. La. Canción jeje 😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵✈🌒❄🎮🎤🎧 amamamamamama. _. Oaxaca
Murdoc: slowly puts window up
Bruce: waits patiently
Murdoc: *finally completes T A S K K
Bruce: shoots
Quentin needs this shit
Is this before melechony hill?
Ghost Amazing winter
Annesha Chatterjee, Coordinator,
Student- Class XI
Kalyani University Experimental High School, Kalyani , Nadia

If anybody asked to me what is the sweetest thing of the winter, the answer surely would-be to lie under the cloth made by torn cloth of either paternal or maternal grandmother. Of course, with the present of ‘Her-Excellence’ and definitely with the appearance of thousands of stories! The stories must have some relations of ‘Bangoma-Bangome’, mythology of Ramayana, Mahabharata, or the most charming fact related with ‘true ghost’. I heard, in some TV channel, after 11 pm, some (?) the real stories of spirits are being focused. It is my bad luck that without such reality, we would like to shake with fear only with ‘hearing-experiences’. What would be wrong if any spirit would come within the empty place of me and the lap of my ‘Grand-Excellency’!
You may not believe that within this time I have memories at least hundred of stories of Dhruba, Pralladha, Abhimannyu, Lobe-Kudsh(?the first clone boy of this world) and so-on. I can tell you the ten name of violent weapon applied in the war of Ramayana and Mahabharata. However, my grand mother never wants to tell the fighting <> killing <> war histories. If I tell her to repeat, she always repeats of the truthfulness of Bhakta-Pralladh, Sabitri, etc.
Now come to the reality, I have heard, one ‘Fish-Ghost’ or ‘Mandu-Bhut / before 40 or 50 years used to live in our local market of fish. Mandu-Bhuts are generally female spirit. If a female died with craving of fishes, and if not done with the following ritual customs, its unsatisfactory sole, became ‘Bhut’ after one year. This type of spirit has a special quality to appear in both day and night. It follows mostly the women with unbind hair, cloth without iron key and purchased putrid fishes. As the mosquito does not love a French-scent, ghost also dislikes fresh fishes, but if not available, it eat fresh one with some digestive as decayed rat!
Nirmala pisi, my caretaker aunty was also attacked by a ‘Veil-bhut’, which appears from the jungle of banana tree. N’pisi did not knew, what is called as fear, so she run behind the Bhut on grinding her 32 pairs of teeth (practically a few were only present). However, from that night, no further appearances of ‘Veil-Bhut’ happen there.
Alo-Bhut or illumine bhuts are also dangerous. They show a typical attracting light to the person (newly married girls) came out of home at the mid-night. If anybody follows the light, it quickly brought her near to a pond and then trying to push within the water.
Our garden uncle had had some very dangerous true story of ghost. In British period, he used to carry on his income by the process of a pick pocketing. One day earn some money from a pocket of a red-faced man. Within a few hour he was arrested, and punished to jail in Andaman. However, the ship was destroyed in sea. Uncle by any means he entered within the jungle of Sunderban. There he saw a broken house. He took shelter within it. Nevertheless, within a minute ghost of an old king came. On suppressing his fear, uncle started to chat with him. King had shown many valuable jewels in his pocket. At late night, uncle pick-pocked his material and started to shout RAM—RAM violently. At morning, Uncle fled away, and made a ritual work for the king in Gaya, but at that same night another ghost pickpoctet his everything!!
Anyhow, her ‘Krishi-Bhut’ or Culti-Ghost’ stories are more charming. Those ‘Krishi – Bhuts’ are usually sole of lone-crashed cultivators, demanded self-death with pesticide. No ritual process allows them to rebirth. They have to do their unfinished works in field’s era after era. However, while I asked, where the ghosts of Singur were went, after the established of TATA? No reply emerged except pouring out of some water from her dim eyes.
The bare fact is in those fields again the cultivation of ‘world high quality potato’ began and the ghost of my paternal great grandfather mother, get job further!

Medicine, to quiet-off evil spirit (Bhut)
First placed some Charcoal cake on a cowdung and set fire. The Charcoal cakes have to be prepared by charcoal of Azadirachta / neem-wood or Charcoal collected from burning place at new moon night with extract of rice(Bhater fan) and wood dust. Then set fire on charcoal cakes and placed some small pieces of tarmac (Known anti-cancerous), mustarded seed (anti-allergic thus helps to rebuilt the immune system) and covers of the egg of lizards / Tiktiki or rotten egg (animal calcium once prepared by nature to protect her creation!). The smoke of this preparation is sufficient to take forceful rebirth to the evil spirits, wanted to remain on the trees!. Medicine prescribed by Aud-Bhuta-Nirankarananda.
This song = home alone in love
The Rock
Like si contaste las balas del revolver
I love the animation.
Eli cloud is lit af
Peter Fusco is cute 🥰