Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish Official Video

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Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish Official Video

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Gorillaz - Superfast Jellyfish Official Video I wonder if anyone else here in the comments actually knows what this song is about.

"the sea is radioactive" - 2D.
Beginning sounds like clint eastwood
This is the oficial video?!
1:06 Superfast, Superfast, Cum in my ass? BRO CHILL
I call my doberman puppy superfast jellyfish
Trip yyyyy
This is what happens when you mix pot, LSD, and breakfast pastries
im pretty sure i used to watch this for fun when i was little with my dad ;-;
"Son, don't play with your food"
where is the noose option
"Tastes just like chicken"
You're just in time for BEKFAST
This is what goes on in Murdoc's head.
I am good at keyboard talk
You see this in real life if you eat Superfast Jellyfish
i dont know whether to laugh or cry
Why did they make this music video instead of Rhinestone Eyes? ITS MAKING ME WANT TO DIE.
Sadly these jellyfish were later shredded in a submarine propeller in the video for melancholy hill
Director: Ok take this.
Damon: What is it. Whait, what video are we doing?
Director: Don't question god damit just take the fucking drugs!!
Damon: Oh, Superfast Jellyfish. That's what where doing, ok I forgot.