Grace VanderWaal - Moonlight (Video)

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Grace VanderWaal - Moonlight (Video)

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Grace VanderWaal - Moonlight (Video) ♡I like to here this when I go to school♡
Incredible song! Good job, Grace ❤️
She is very good
She kind of reminds me of Halsey for some reason?
😲🤯😭 I am fan 😮ohhh great song 👏🔥💯👍 love u
so beautiful
BR 2018
omg grace you are already a legend. much love
I love her style, the ukelele sound just makes me relax so much omg
My girlfriend🎶🎤😍💑💘💍
legends only.
Canta muito e é uma excelente atriz..!
My English teacher hates this song because I am always singing it
perfect <3
the best talent presented by AGT
from Peru
I remember when I heard Grace's Amazing voice in America's got talent
i love grace😉😊
This kinda makes sad
Love her❤️. She is soo much better that those fake ass pop stars nowadays
So inspiring